Goose as Spirit Animal

Since the beginning of time, we have been connected to nature and the divine, in some centuries more so than in others. Lately, we have forgotten about it, how to decode its messages and that they even exist. To strengthen the connection or for some people recreate it, we should look into ourselves and carefully examine our already existing beliefs.

When we have defined them, set up a list of qualities and traits we want to embody, decided what we want to give back to society and what we expect from it, we can choose a Spirit Animal to guide us. However, if you are uncertain and don’t know how to begin, start by observing what animals you already feel connected to and what their characteristics are.

By truly understanding these animals, their divine symbolism, and their messages, they can guide you into becoming the best possible version of yourself.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Goose, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect, and more.

The goose is a magnificent animal, that tends to be looked over by many people. Remember the saying “like a silly goose”? Well, that has more to do with following your true desires than being silly. It is a sociable, brave, and loyal animal, that fiercely guards its beliefs. Yet, one of its most noteworthy characteristics is the need for a flock and its devotion to it. Whether it is family or friends, the geese are reliable, they never leave a fellow behind and will guard them, no matter how dangerous the threat is.

If you feel like you embody these traits or want to channel them in your life, keep reading to find a way to better understand how to use and find them.

Meaning and Symbolism of Goose as Spirit Animal

People who have geese as spirit animals are valuable members of society, they are caring, kind, devoted, do what is best for the group, and firmly stand their ground, no matter the opponent. Personally, this animal will help you reconnect with your roots, find your truth in life, and protect it as you would a baby. It amplifies your abilities to make good decisions for yourself and a group because it understands the importance of a team. A goose is a metaphor for the saying “it’s not the destination that is important, it’s the journey” because no matter what it will take care of the flock, make sure everyone is safe, and then they can all continue the journey.

Geese are multifaceted animals, they combine all the elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. They can fly over great distances and roam, never getting lost – Air; they are also great swimmers – Water; they can spend most of their days on land – Earth; and they embody characteristics like bravery and enthusiasm, which are traits of the element Fire. However, this is all practically speaking, when we consider it from a spiritual point of view: Air would be the communication and their need to be in a flock, Water is the emotional reliance and loyalty to family and friends and Earth is its practicality, after all, they have been domesticated because of it.

Keeping that in mind, the Spirit Animal Goose might have a different meaning for people. It will aid the areas of your life like work, family, friends, stability and finances, bravery, and leadership according to which of them needs improvement. It is a powerful guide, seen in some religions as proof of the Divine, similar to Spirit Animal Dove.

Characteristics and Personality

Geese are playful and curious animals; they represent the perfect balance between living your truth and being a valuable member of a group. Sometimes it is difficult to not compromise your boundaries while being a part of a collective, that is why this spirit animal is here to give you the bravery and comradeship you need to live your life to the fullest.

They are very caring of their family and would even get excessively protective in their mating season, however, it is mostly just an act. Geese have mastered the art of scaring an opponent so profoundly that they rarely walk into battle. Nevertheless, if they do, it’s not as scary and hurtful as they let it on to believe. What is admirable about this play, is that even though they don’t have the means to protect themselves truly, they are not scared of any opponent and are ready to fight.

These animals rely strongly on their partnerships, they are monogamous and from a young age, the ducklings follow their mom to protect them. Later in their life, they continue moving in groups. It is safe to say, that geese, because of their need to be social, can’t be loners. They long to be a part of and take care of a group. Therefore, this might be a reminder not to isolate, but to be active in your society.

These animals represent:

  • Loyalty
  • Communication
  • Comradeship and taking an active role in society
  • Family Values and reconnection to your roots
  • Practicality and stability
  • Bravery
  • Protection
  • Authenticity and standing up for your beliefs

Goose Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Communication: Geese tend to be in constant communication with each other and with people. They have developed different sounds to alert their flocks of danger and to scare threats away. Anyone who has been near geese has heard their constant chats at any time of day.

This Spirit Animal reminds you of the importance of clear communication. It nudges you to speak your mind and find a common language with your loved ones. Remember that as an active member of your “flock”, it is of utmost importance to develop a working communication system that lets you understand how you and others are doing. So, don’t be scared to give voice to your thoughts and observations, it might be just what is needed!

Comradeship and taking an active role in society: Geese are caring animals: they aren’t only attentive to the needs of their family; they make sure that their whole society moves as one. If a member is wounded or on the verge of dying, a fellow would stay behind and comfort them in their last minutes or slowly guide them to the rest of the group.

This Spirit Animal teaches us a crucial lesson – it is not as important to reach the destination alone, as to make sure everyone does, at their one speed. In life, when we are focused on our goals, we sometimes forget that we were never meant to separately achieve greatness, moreover, would it be what we have dreamt of if we are there alone?

A goose understands life is better in a flock, as it is safer and more harmonious. Therefore, calling upon this guide will help you lead a consciously sociable life, reminding you of its undeniable worth and need.

Bravery and standing up for your beliefs: Setting up clear boundaries and defending them is a necessary trait, that we can all learn from the Spirit Animal Goose. It is not afraid to protect its family and itself, having little to no doubts about its capabilities. We can use this as a reminder, that if we truly believe in ourselves, we stand in a position of power and will most likely scare the opposition away without a fight.

Most people are rational thinkers, which prevents them from ever being completely sure of themselves and their opinions. In our liberal age, we are thought daily, that we should see some truth in anyone’s story and appreciate diversity. This is a beautiful change in our way of thinking; however, it tends to leave self-doubt as a consequence. When you truly understand everyone, at some point you start questioning your beliefs and morals.

The Spirit Animal Goose helps you become more grounded. It allows you to find your inner strength, to figure out where you stand, what your boundaries are, and that you should protect them, no matter who your opponent is. It will help you find your inner worth and overcome your self-doubt.

Family values and reconnection to your roots: Being part of a family and creating your own can be a challenging task at times. Whether it is a chosen family or given, with time we inevitably get disappointed, argue, lose touch, or hurt each other. Geese have a higher understanding of the need for a close and healthy group. They are loving partners, amazing guides for their offspring, and have no problem with following another and recognizing them as their leader.

These are some of the qualities that your Spirit Animal can help you find in yourself; to know that being part of a healthy society and family is beneficial and crucial for every member.

Sometimes it may feel like we are not needed, that our family is doing good or even better without us. The Spirit Guide Goose is here to teach us that every member is important and should be taken care of because they play their vital part in the system. It helps us reconnect with loved ones and gives us the power to initiate healthier communication habits with them, to form a safer environment.

Goose Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Impulsive: As important as it is to speak your truth and protect it, sometimes it is better to practically understand that your opponent is not to be taken lightly. Therefore, it is a good idea to take some time and evaluate the situation before you impulsively rush into defense/attack mode. Try developing a strategy that will help you protect yourself and others more efficiently in any matter.

Dependent: While taking part in society is crucial, we should know how to rely on ourselves in times of need. If we are too altruistic, we may forget about what we want, in the worst case, we might put the weight on someone else to instinctively know it and do it for us. Being part of a group means that every member does their best to firstly keep their lives in check and help others, when necessary, not to constantly care for others, in the hope that they will run your whole life for you. Try putting yourself first occasionally, check in with your higher self, pay attention to your feelings – it’s important to not get absorbed by a group.

Goose as an Animal Totem

Animal totems remind us of the characteristics of our chosen guide. Taking a talisman with you or simply having one in your home will help you find your balance in life. It will boost your relationships and friendships and give you the courage you need to express yourself.

You can use a goose symbol when you seem disconnected from your peers or when you need to channel your bravery. It can help you make decisions because you will keep in mind what is worthy of your time and energy and whatnot.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Goose for Help?

The best way by far is to use your intuition and visualization skills if you don’t want to wait for a physical message. If you feel disconnected from your inner world, try meditation, art, writing, any kind of creative work that should help you rebalance and be able to receive your guides’ mental messages.

Simple ways to reconnect with the Animal Spirit Goose

Because it is an embodiment of all the elements, ideally, to reconnect with it, you would have to be surrounded by all four of them. But let’s assume that you are not planning a camping trip in the woods, near a lake, and with a bonfire. So, how do you do it? Well, you can imagine it!

Sit in a quiet space and focus on taking deep breaths. Close your eyes and imagine you are walking through a forest. What time of day is it, what type of trees surround you, how does it feel and smell? Imagine every detail, try to hear the crunching sound of your footsteps when you wander through the forest. Eventually, you find a path and you start walking along it to see where it leads. Remember, it is not about the destination – it’s about the journey! Enjoy every moment! This trail leads you to a crystally clean lake, it’s still and calm, truly a magnificent sight. Now, all that is missing is a bonfire and your close people to share the warmth with. So, you gather around, have some laughs, share stories and memories, in the mesmerizing presence of the forest, the lake, and the fire.

This balance between the elements is what will bring you closer to your guide. You can ask them to join your meditation, even if you don’t, their energy will be present, and it will ground you.

As a daily reminder, you can carry a feather from a goose, to help you connect to your guide’s qualities.

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

Spiritual Messengers come from other realms. Therefore, their attempts for communication with us may sometimes be unclear and go unnoticed by us.

The best way to make sure you don’t miss them is to keep an open mind about what to expect. Sometimes, we are inevitably stuck on an idea of how the message should be conveyed, we miss it altogether.

Therefore, instead of waiting for your specific message, try to observe where you have already seen your guide. It can be a symbol of it, somewhere in a movie, over the radio, a painting, and so on. The options are vast, but when you notice your Spirit Guide, pay attention to the aspect of your life it “visited” you, so you can better understand its message.

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

A guide would make itself known to deliver a specific message, if you can analyze the area in which you felt the presence of your spirit, then you will be able to decode it with ease. Therefore, pay close attention to the surroundings and the people around you when it happens.

For example, if you are on a trip with friends or family and you see a symbol of your guide, it might mean that you need to work on your connection with them.

If you see a goose or a picture of it in a social situation, it might be a sign to stand your ground and talk openly.

An unguarded nest might be an indicator that you are not protecting yourself and close ones from danger either.

However, it is strongly recommended to use your associations to decode messages, because your Spirit Animal uses your language to communicate with you. Checking the universal meanings may bring some clarity if you are unsure where to begin, but make sure what you accept as a truth resonates with your higher self and gut feeling.

Meaning of Goose in Dreams

Dreams are a collection of all the information your brain has gathered but couldn’t actively process, they put the pieces together and look for new solutions while we sleep. They are messages from the subconscious and the divine, they can channel and bring meaning to what you have felt, sensed, and noticed.

Seeing a flock of geese swimming in the water might be an indicator of success through teamwork, however, if you dream of it quacking, that is a signal of danger for you or your family. If you happen to pick up this animal, it is an omen of good fortune and luck, maybe even financial gains.

Most times dreams feel like they have an unclear meaning. You don’t need to remember what every symbol represents, rather try to focus on what feelings it leaves behind. Do you feel calm, happy, and excited?  It is probably blessings coming your way. If you feel worried, anxious, scared, and dim, you may need to summon your Spirit Animal and ask it for guidance in these times, remember its traits and try to apply them more often in daily situations.

Meaning of Goose in Various Mythologies

In Ancient Egypt, the goose “was the Sun as it emerged from the primeval egg” – a solar bird-God that laid the golden egg (the sun) each morning.

The Romans kept guardian geese around the Temple of Juno. In 390 BC, they were used as guardian birds that would raise noise if an intruder was nearby.

​The Celtic horse goddess Epona is often shown riding on a flying goose – and likewise, the Celtic ‘Great Mother’ Brigantia, is depicted riding a goose.

The goose is a bird sacred to Artemis (Greek Mythology)

In Hindu mythology, a pair of divine birds, the Hamsa, depicted as geese or swans, laid a golden egg on the cosmic waters, from which the creator god, Brahma – often depicted riding a goose. – was born.