Rat as Spirit Animal

Rats are one of the most social rodents of all. As we can see them building their empire in the corners of our houses, backyard, garden, or any other safe space around the house. They live in groups and sneak around the house for food. They have sharp teeth which they use pretty often to fidget with things around our home. They are excellent jumpers, climbers, and swimmers.

Many people keep rats as their pets and love their movement. If rats are appearing in your dreams, or coming into your thoughts randomly, or you are noticing pictures, signs, or arts associated with this animal; it means the spirit animal rat is trying to connect with you.

Characteristics and Personality

Rats do hide behind furniture or heavy household items which is quite difficult to move. They run from one corner to the other very quickly which makes it hard for a human to catch or understand their movement.

People often try to identify their nests by moving a heap of household items when nothing works to trap them. In this process, people often discover the things which they were searching for for a long time or things that they completely forgot about. This way a lot of obstacles and unnecessary items get moved and the corners of the houses get cleared. This is why rats are also known as the remover of obstacles or the founder of the lost items.

Needless to say, rats are highly active and restless. They are always moving and up to something. The rat spirit animal demonstrates how to be resilient and persistent and survive despite extreme difficulties around the environment. It helps to inculcate the power of adaptability both on the emotional and physical levels.

People with rats as their animal totem are highly intuitive, clever, and witty. They are often known as the trickster in the group. They can sense things and understand people’s motives using their distinct awareness and perception.

If the rat is your spirit animal, you have the zeal and the boldness to face the fears, and overcome any adversities that may come in life. You have the perception to understand the depth and complexity of any problem and prepare yourself accordingly with the necessary steps to avoid conflicts or damage.

Rat Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Rat as the spirit animal can teach you how to think and act wisely and take the necessary steps to lead a life full of purpose. The spirit animal does appear in your consciousness when you need guidance and insights. Below are the positive traits of the rat spirit animal –

  • Intuitive
  • Clever
  • Active
  • Curious
  • Social
  • Adaptable
  • Persistent
  • Creativity
  • Problem solvers
  • Family


Rats are very suspicious and intuitive about anything new in their surroundings. They are always alert to any possible dangers. They can even sense and identify traps that have been set for them. If one rat comes under the trap, the rest of the rats don’t come in the vicinity of the same trap.

As a rat-spirited individual, you have been blessed with the higher consciousness and distinctive perception to identify any threat or anything negative around you. Your eyes can notice certain details no matter how subtle and negligible it is for others.

If you are uncertain about a particular situation and unable to make any decision, kindly withdraw yourself from everything for a few moments and listen to your inner voice. It will guide you in the right direction.


Rats are pretty cunning and witty. They are known to outsmart and evade traps, poisons, baits, and even cats.

If the rat is your animal totem, you are known to be smart and intelligent. You observe, analyze, and strategize things pretty well. You are also resourceful and highly industrious. You know how to crack a deal on your terms. You can choose careers associated with planning, strategizing, and dealing. It’s difficult to outrun you in any course of action.


Needless to say, rats are highly active and moving creatures. Leave a bit of food at one corner of your house and they can be seen playing a constant hide and seek until they elope with your piece of bread.

If the rat is your spiritual energy, you are active, lively, and agile. You are always busy planning, analyzing, and doing something. You often find it difficult to sit idle. You are highly productive and tend to complete your tasks way before the deadline. You like to plan and strategize things accordingly before the execution of the task.

You are also funny and sporty. You like to engage yourself in various sporty activities and also like to host events and parties. You are known as the sparky and the zestful person in the group.


Rats are always curious about foods, humans, and predators around them. They are always searching for something here and there and always running around the house, backyard, etc.

As a rat-spirited person, you are eager to know the unknown. You like to question everything in life. You have the curiosity to know things that are mysterious and uncanny. You tend to explore places that are offbeat and unconventional. This thirst for knowledge will take you a long way and help you to land new opportunities in life.


Rats have been a part of human habitation since the beginning of civilization. They mostly live in groups and the speed at which they can popularize is quite crazy. A female rat can give birth to 5-10 pups in one litter at least six times a year. The population of two rats can potentially grow to many around 1250 rats in one year.

Rat as your spirit animal gives you the power of communication and the skills to connect with people effectively. You are easy-going and full of personality. People find it interesting to spend time with you. The right connection can help you to grow personally, emotionally, and spiritually.

You like to host events and celebrate and share a good time with friends and family. You tend to have an interest in sports and adventures. You like to travel and explore the unknown. You have the thirst to know more, learn more, and experience more of life.


Rats have made their home wherever human settlements have been built. They make the most out of the human territory. No matter how many times you set a trap, they seem to make their way out to your place again. Be it cats, dogs, humans, birds, or any other threats; rats have proven themselves to be the pro in dealing with danger and difficulties.

If you have the rat spirit, you are unbreakable and indomitable by nature. You are born to handle challenges and face them upfront.

You have the strength and willpower to push and overcome any kind of obstacles that life may throw at you. You are known to adjust to any kind of situation no matter how unfavorable and inconvenient it can be. Nothing can stop you in your quest.


You have the patience and endurance to endure any kind of rough situation. When the going gets tough, you become the tough who gets going. You are known to inspire and motivate people in your surroundings when hope is the only option to get going.


You are a thoughtful person who believes in creativity and imagination. You tend to come up with unique ideas that can benefit the group, organization, or people around you. You tend to express your best self with your art, ingenuity, and individuality.

Problem Solvers

Rats are amazing problem solvers. Whether it’s finding the way out of the maze or making their way to the next meal, they are the clear winner of moving through obstacles.

Rat as your spirit animal provides you the cognizance and awareness to dive deep into any problem and find your way to the solution. No matter how difficult or complex the problem is, you can connect the dots and reach the bottom of everything.


People with the rat as their animal totem are family people by heart. It is of utmost importance for them to spend their valuable time with their family. They like to spend their energy understanding each member of the family, discussing their problems, celebrating their moments of joy and success, and sharing a good laugh whenever possible.

Taking all possible measures to ensure the best of everything for their family is one of the top-most priorities for rat-spirited individuals. They are ready to take the necessary strides to secure and protect their loved ones from any threats or uncertainties.

Rat Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Rats have been associated with creating unhygienic conditions and spreading diseases. Below are the negative powers of the rat-spirited individual –

  • Restlessness
  • Damage to oneself
  • Poor self-care


Rats are always running, jumping, and moving things from one place to another. They are always sneaking around something and can’t keep calm.

If the rat is your birth totem, you tend to have a hard time taming your mind. You are in the fear of missing out on something and that’s the reason you tend to chase many things simultaneously. You try to accomplish various tasks at the same time. It’s not very surprising if you occasionally feel burnout or exhausted. Feeling restless is quite natural for this kind of lifestyle.

Your health is of utmost importance more than anything else. Try to delegate or outsource your work if needed. Keep some time aside every day to reflect on yourself.

Practice meditation and deep breathing regularly. It will help you to manage your emotions better and focus on one task at a time.

Damage to oneself

Rats are known to scavenge through everything for food and create a mess. They often bite and chew important pieces of stuff like paper, books, furniture, clothes, or kitchen items. They also make noises at night while looking for food. Rats when allowed with a massive population can create a real fuss and disruption for humans.

As a rat-spirited individual, you try your best to achieve things that you want in life. Due to your restless nature, you can behave rudely and aggressively at times. If you lose your temper, you tend to damage things that may be precious to you, or in extreme cases, you try to cause trouble for yourself to release the frustration.

Be careful of your emotions and try to bring them under control. Meditate on your spirit animal to provide you the strength to find peace and harmony in life. Practice deep meditation regularly.

Poor Self-care

Rats are often associated with poor hygiene, filth, stealthiness, sickness, uneasiness, and malaise. It comes from the fact that rats spread diseases and are considered the common household pests who hide in places that are unclean and dark.

If the rat is your spirit animal, you tend to neglect self-nourishment to complete your duties and responsibilities. You like to remain engrossed in your tasks so deeply that you often overlook the importance of taking care of yourself.

While staying active is essential for the body and the mind, it’s also necessary to keep some time aside to pamper yourself and reflect on your soul. Otherwise, it may impact your sleep, cognitive function of the brain, and heart health. Take good care of yourself and practice mindfulness every day.

Rat as an Animal Totem

Rats do multiply massively where food is abundant and the place has a lot of obstructions to hide. In other words, rat encounters can indicate abundance and adaptability. The rat as your spirit animal reminds you to stand your ground and make your way through the obstacles. A rat encounter can also mean the growth of the family. Coming across the rat spirit animal is a positive sign for individuals who are planning to extend their family.

The rat symbolism usually represents the people who are smart, clever, and dexterous. They love puzzles and problem-solving exercises. When the rat is your animal totem, your energy symbolizes speed, nimbleness, and shrewdness. It’s all about movement.

You are thrifty, resourceful, and success-oriented. You know how to make the most out of the meager circumstances and thrive through the challenges of life.

Times When You Need to Summon the Rat Spirit Animal

  • You need agility and movement and need to remove idleness.
  • You need to make the most out of any situation.
  • You need to curve your way out through the challenges and obstacles of life.
  • You need to overcome fears and low self-esteem.
  • You need to be smart and decisive.
  • You need to adjust to any kind of circumstances.
  • You need to have the patience to hold on to your quest.
  • You need to be socially active.
  • You need to be alert and intuitive.
  • You need to take care of yourself and your loved ones.
  • You need to find out solutions and be creative with your ideas.
  • You need to accomplish your task with utmost dedication and determination.

Dream Interpretation of Rat Spirit Animal

Dreaming about rats means positive as well as negative possibilities depending on the context of the dream. It mostly depends on the mental state of the dreamer.

Dreaming of white rats hints at some upcoming good news, fortune, or new opportunities.

If you saw the rats hiding in the dark, it means you should be aware of your surroundings. It indicates that you might get hurt or someone might deceive you. This dream also shows the dark side of our hearts and teaches the importance of reflecting on oneself from time to time.

If you dreamt of lively rats, it means you are interested in various fun activities and adventures.

Dreaming of a lot of baby rats implies some upcoming conflicts or difficulties in the future.

If you dreamt of getting bitten by the rats, you might make some mistakes at work or you may need to face some crisis in life.

If the rat is running away from you, it means there’s a potential dispute in the family or at work. The key is to maintain a harmonious relationship with people you care about.

If you dreamt of rats running here and there, it indicates that you are unable to control your expenses. If you don’t pay attention, you will end up in severe debt. The dream reminds you that it is time to take control of your financial stability.

Dreaming of catching a rat means you can take control of the negative influences in your life.

If you killed the rat in your dreams, it means you will be able to defeat your competitors and will get an edge over them. It can also indicate the possibility of an increase in your income.

Mythological Significance of Rat Spirit Animal

In Hindu mythology, no deity is complete without his or her divine animal. The mouse is the mount of Lord Ganesha who is elephant-headed and known as the remover of obstacles. Every year Lord Ganesha is worshipped by devotees to get bestowed with wealth, prosperity, and opportunity. People in India pray and meditate on Lord Ganesha to be blessed with the strength to overcome any kind of obstacles and threats in life. Lord Ganesha is also known to be the bestower of good health and a mind with tranquility.

According to some African folklore, people used to believe that dead people may visit them in the form of rats and they used to be considered sacred and not to be harmed.

According to ancient Egyptian belief, the rats used to be seen as a bad omen and a sign of destruction.

As per ancient Roman mythology, the rats were associated with the deity Arimanius who was the god of ignorance and darkness. The mention of this deity has been found in Latin inscriptions and a few literary texts of Greek lore.

The most famous folktale related to the rats is the German tale of Pied Piper. In this tale, the people of the town of Hamelin hire a mysterious piper to get rid of the troubles created by a massive population of rats. The piper agrees in exchange for a high price from the people. He plays an enchanting tune to lure the rats out of the town. Following him, the rats end up in a river and drown themselves. But the people of Hamelin refused to pay the piper stating there’s no problem in the town anymore and so there is no necessity of paying him. The piper then plays a haunting tune which lures the children out of the town and they follow the piper to the mountains. Upon entering a cave, the piper seals the entrance with a stone and is never seen again.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

The rat as your spirit animal appears in your life when you need to move the wheel of action. The rat encounter suggests it’s time to face your fears and gather the willpower to move through whatever comes in life.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. When the mind is relaxed and free of regular turbulences, it can see the thoughts with clarity. This is when you can hear your inner voice and connect with your spiritual self. Deep meditation helps to remove the agitation from the mind and aids you to see life as it is.

Summon the rat spirit animal in your life when you need strength and determination to overcome the challenges of life and reach your goal.