Albatross in a Dream

If you have been seeing an albatross in your dream there could be a deeper meaning behind its presence. Understanding its presence can unlock knowledge of your subconscious mind. It can help conclude what may be plaguing your waking state and causing you anxiety. Albatross are birds that are typically found near the ocean, they are recognizable due to their large size in comparison to other seabirds such as seagulls. There are twenty-four species of albatrosses found in their natural habitat. Known for their unusually large wingspan and their talent for navigating turbulent sea winds.

Seeing an Albatross Flying in a Dream

Seeing an albatross flying in a dream is suggesting that you may be having a spiritual awakening and development of some kind. You are not going to be consumed by problems that would weigh others down. You are seeing an albatross in a dream because you are on a journey where the destination may be far away.

This bird is a symbol of travel or desire to travel. You have a destination in mind but you know that it will take a lot of time to get there. You need to focus on this journey as getting to your final place will bring you a new sense of purpose. This could be interpreted in many ways. You could be aiming for a new career, one that will be hard to get but rewarding once you do.

Seeing Albatross in a Storm

Albatross are natural navigators and face storms head-on. Just like you are willing to do if it means you get to where you are. Both you and the albatross share a sense of adventure and challenge. The albatross naturally manipulates the wind to push it further towards where it wants to be. You do the same, you use your environment and equip it to your advantage.

The albatross also represents our inner faith in the high powers of the universe. It can be symbolic of our relationship with God, how sometimes we are alone on our journey and the only one by our side is God. You do not fear traveling on your path alone as long as God is by your side.

Being Attacked by Albatross

Being attacked by a bird as big as an albatross can be frightening as this could be considered a nightmare for those who experience this dream. You may be feeling nervous or uneasy after this dream and that is completely understandable. These feelings could be plaguing your waking state and if they are it is time to address the meaning behind this dream so you can stop the emotions that you are experiencing. Being attacked by an albatross in a dream means that you are suffocating in the routine of your everyday life. This is weighing on you and transferring into your dreaming state. It has infected your mind and is only going to bring more negativity into your life.

Being Killed by Albatross

If you are killed by an Albatross in a dream this means you are going to have to be brave in these next steps on your journey.  These next steps are going to determine the rest of your path from here on out. You have it within you to end your own suffering and pain. The competitors around you who are fighting for the same things as you are going to lose because they do not possess the same characteristics as you do.

You possess strength and persistence learned through hardships and misfortunes in your life. You are at an advantage over your competitors because you have been through enough storms to know that you will make it out the other side.

Seeing a Flock of Albatrosses

If you are having dreams about seeing a flock of albatrosses, it represents your circle of friends. You have a good bond with those in your life and have friends that you will get to take with you as you move forward on your journey towards your final destination, wherever that may be. You have chosen a great group of friends, ride-or-die individuals. These people are willing to go the distance with you because they wish to watch you succeed in your life. They are only wishing you the best on your travels and will be there for support if you need it. Do not feel as if you are burdening them with your emotions and doubts about your path.

Seeing a Flock of Albatross Flying

A flock of albatrosses flying can represent friendships that you are going to make on the way that will serve you greatly on your journey. These friends will help you move forward in your life, some of these friends have powerful connections to places that you wish to be in. Befriending these people could prove to be beneficial and profitable in terms of your career path. You are seeing a flying flock because you wish to be a part of one in a professional setting, you may struggle to make friends at work but making these connections will only help your career prosper for the better.

Seeing a Flying Albatross

Witnessing a lonesome flying albatross in a dream can mean you are working towards expanding your creative side. You have been putting off more creative endeavors for a while now and it has been upsetting you that you have had no time for expression through more creative means. This can be anything from painting to photography.

You are finally prioritizing your creative mind as it is just as important as your logical mind. One cannot thrive without the other and using both will only help you on your path. If you see them within your dreams it is because you are going to be presented with an opportunity to unleash your creative mind and your hidden talents.

Seeing a Wounded Albatross

Dreaming of a wounded albatross can be interpreted differently depending on the individual who experiences it. It can symbolize either danger or confusion within your life. You may be currently presented with an opportunity or problem in your waking state. At the advice of others around you, you have found yourself in a problem that you cannot seem to get away from. You are either currently confused because you are unsure of your next steps or you are in danger because of choices that you have made that have led you to this point. The next steps on your journey are crucial to you getting to your destination.

Seeing a Baby Albatross

If you are having this dream, the next actions that you make will have consequences on your life and those around you. These could be either positive or negative. During these times, confide in people you truly trust and who have been there for you before in trying times. You may have to walk the steps in your journey alone but just know that you have been through hardships before and you have come through the other side better than you were before.

This experience is bound to make you stronger and all the wiser. From now on surround yourself with people you can trust.

Seeing a Dead Albatross

Any time you see a dead animal of any kind in a dream can be a negative sign. A deceased albatross can be a symbol of your own vulnerability. You may currently have people in your life who are not to be trusted as they can recognize your vulnerability and are looking to take advantage of it.

This bad omen will off-put any good luck you will be receiving from the universe. So, if you are planning any major life event or new ventures, try and postpone these events until you start seeing other events or symbols in your dreams that possess positive meaning. This may be an annoyance for now but in the long run, it will serve you better to do so as the universe is trying to communicate with you. Your subconscious is looking out for you and your future.

Killing an Albatross

Killing an albatross in a dream is also a negative sign due to what the albatross usually represents good luck. Being responsible for killing one in a dream means you have destroyed an opportunity for good luck to come into your life. This dream will mean that you are going to be surrounded by struggles and challenges in your life because of something negative you have done in the past. To get through this time you will need to work on your patience and radiating positivity so you can receive the same energy back from the universe.

Feeding an Albatross in a Dream

Dreaming of feeding an albatross, can be a sign that you are going to have to do a task that you do not want to do. This is a task that you have been avoiding for quite some time and it may require having to do a task for someone you do not get along with. You may deeply dislike this individual for a multitude of reasons. Doing this task may seem irrelevant to you at first but you are seeing this vision in your dream state for a reason.

Albatrosses represent good luck so feeding this bird in a dream is a sign that you will receive good luck through helping others. Even if it’s people we do not like.

Seeing a White Albatross

Albatrosses are usually mostly white, but to see an all-white albatross in a dream can have a whole new meaning. Doing tasks for others, especially for people we do not see eye to eye with can bring us good karma and positive energy into our life. Making peace with someone you do not get along with by showing them an act of kindness will bring good luck into your life.

Feeding an albatross is representative of your willingness to put your reservations and personal grudges behind you to make peace to move forward on your journey.

Seeing a Black Albatross

The energy that the black albatross brings to you is that of resilience and persistence. You must continue forward on your journey to where you want to be no matter what may lie ahead. The black albatross does not back down from flying through a storm even if it is bigger than them. They know that it will end eventually and the destination is more important than getting caught in the emotions of the storm. Seeing this color bird within your dream state represents your willingness to persist on your journey despite the odds of failure.

The Spiritual Significance of an Albatross

In ancient times, the albatross was used to help navigate the direction of the wind, oncoming storms, and the intensity of the downpour of rain. They are a sign of wisdom and strength. They can represent how important it is to adapt to our surroundings and how our experiences can make us stronger. Becoming adaptable to our environments will only make us better at navigating future problems so we can come up with solutions quicker. The albatross boldly and bravely confronts the storm that faces them.


The albatross was always a good luck sign to the sailors who would see them on their journey. The albatross was supposed to represent a communication signal between earth and the spirit realm. Some sailors believed that the albatross was sailors who had died at sea guiding them towards their destination. Through deciphering these dreams you can find meaning in the events that take place in your waking state. These meanings will benefit you as you will be able to figure out the next steps that you need to take to use as a guide to get to where you plan to go. You do not wish to confirm or to stand still in acceptance, you have a spirit for movement. You wish to always move from where you are as when you move you feel a sense of accomplishment.