Elephant in a forest

For many of us dreaming of an elephant can be an inspiring, awe-filled experience that can remain a bright memory for many years to come. Considered a powerful spirit animal and a wise dream guide, the elephant represents the soul, memory and spirit of the dreamer.

Whenever you are visited by this majestic creature, know that it is a reflection of your impressive memory, an astounding opportunity headed your way and success in each and every endeavor. But the elephant in your dream stands out for so much more.

It is commonly associated with intelligence, family and can symbolize that you are divinely protected and destined for great things in your real life. Whether you are an elephant enthusiast or if the dream simple surprised you, it is definitely worth looking into on a deeper level.

General Elephant Symbolism

In Feng Shui, as well as many dream dictionaries, a happy, healthy-looking elephant in your dream symbolizes power and protection. They can appear in our dreams to help us attract positive energies into our lives and to help us attain good fortune and insight into our daily lives.

The elephant is a spiritual guide of distinct knowledge and intelligence and will often appear with their trunks lifted up in the air, when bestowing us with their immense power and can also be seen with their trunks lowered down, as a sign of stability and safety.

In any case, an elephant dream is generally considered a very lucky omen, foretelling big events and important changes to your real life, many of which will pleasantly surprise you. The details of an elephant dream will also contain important hidden messages, that may convey the dream with a specific essence, particular to each dreamer.

Seeing a Single Elephant in your Dream

A dream in which you encounter one single elephant is associated with your inner power, resilience when faced with obstacles, consistency in work projects and social connections. The elephant that you see in your dream may actually be a reflection of yourself or could indicate an influential person in your real life.

In both cases, the dream confirms that the circumstances of your real life are positive and that the foundations you have built your family life and career on are stable and profitable to all.

If you feel particularly connected with the elephant in your dream, it outlines your authoritative, robust figure in the real world, as well as the respect and recognition you receive from others as a reward for all your hard work.

Seeing a White Elephant in your Dream

White elephants are symbols of purity and wisdom beyond the average human mind, clarity and spiritual connection with the divine. If you meet this animal in your dream, know that you are exceptionally gifted and destined for great things in life. You stand out from the rest, due to your exceptional skillset and abilities to perform beyond any expectations.

A white elephant visiting your dream may also predict that you are soon going to seal a great bargain, make a considerably profitable purchase or find a job opportunity you have always sought after. Meeting a white elephant in a dream is also connected to the spiritual side of your life and the evolutionary path you are on, as you are constantly seeking enlightenment and higher perspectives in life.

Seeing a Black Elephant in your Dream

The presence of a black elephant in your dream introduces big changes to your real world, preceded by great challenges you will be faced with.

This type of dream should not discourage you, but instead it should be a source of inspiration and wisdom that will help you overcome this problem. Troubles are a natural part of life, hence the black elephant appearing before you will be helping you out as you are heading into this new phase of your life.

The details of this dream and the traits of the black elephant and the way it behaves around you might just help clue you into who this person might be in the real world. In most dream, the black elephant could symbolize an authoritative figure, such as the head of your organization or an elderly family member that seems to be more cautious than you when making changes.

Seeing a Golden Elephant in your Dream

Seeing a golden elephant in a dream signifies a boost of your career and social status, immense success and good fortune. Whether you see it in the wild or in the form of a sculpture, the golden elephant announces your triumph and prosperity in the real world.

Certain golden elephant dream might be tied to family and children and could foretell marriage or the birth of a new child. Other might imply that you will be able to purchase the dream house for your family. In any case, gold is a symbol of glory and this is exactly what your elephant dream displays.

Dreaming of a Herd of Elephants

A herd of elephants appearing in your dream is a promising sign of profits and material gains in the real world. The size of the group is symbolic of the size of the wealth you are bound to receive. A larger herd of elephants signifies a considerable increase of your budget.

The herd of elephants in your dream also symbolizes community and social connections, indicating that in the real world you are a core part of your groups and feel loved unconditionally by your peers. The dream encourages you to show your gratitude for their encouragement and devotion as this will help strengthen the bonds of your already tight-knit community.

Seeing Baby Elephants in your Dream

Baby elephants appearing in your dream typically symbolize integrity, trust and happiness, especially if you are expecting to have children or already have them in the real world. The dream encourages you to dedicate your time and attention to them and to commit to being the best parent you can be.

A baby elephant dream can also indicate that in the real world you are still showing your inner child and are confident that your friends and family will protect this side of you. A happy baby elephant appearing in your dream can also encourage you to continue the little projects you have already started, as they are sure to produce great results.

Riding an Elephant in your Dream

Riding an elephant in your dream implies that in your real life you are in control of your destiny and you have earned your place in the society. Others look up to you for advice, as your incredible empathy draws everybody to you.

To envision yourself riding an elephant in a dream can also symbolize confidence and power, showing that in spite of all the hardships, you are standing strong and working out solution to make ends meet.

To ride an elephant in your dream can also foretell that you are about to receive an important award, a party thrown for you and overall, or a significant amount of recognition from your peers.

An Elephant Lifting you up with its Trunk in a Dream

The trunk of an elephant represents a powerful dream symbol. If the elephant appearing in your dream picks you up and lifts you in the air with its trunk, you may consider it a sign of great fortune and success. You are about to truly celebrate your life and achieve the much-awaited success in your waking life.

An Elephant Running Away from you in Your Dream

If the elephant in your dream is afraid of you and runs away, it can be interpreted as a warning. Perhaps you are working too hard and decide to ignore the fact that your well-being is affected and that you are slowly burning out. If this is the case, the elephant in your dream symbolizes the need to put an end to this self-destructive path you are on.

Hard work important, but so is your soul. Dedicate a couple moments throughout the day to prayer, meditation, or any other form of spiritual work that will help lighten your soul. The running elephant could also symbolize that you feel threatened by competition at work or school and forget the true potential hidden inside of you.

Dreaming about a Caged Elephant

A trapped elephant in your dream represents the feeling that you are being stripped of your independence and power in the real world. You feel as though your confidence and sense of self is slipping away as a result of fatigue.

The dream reminds you that you are always in control of your destiny and can change the circumstances of your life at any time. Take a moment to analyze who you ended up in this situation and what would be the next best step to take forward and escape your own insecurities. You will need to find a way to release all the angst trapped inside of you.

Dreaming of Elephants in Water

Dreaming of elephants in water is a positive sign, representing abundance, happiness and good fortune. If you experience this type of dream, know that the odds are in your favor and that you will soon experience changes that will improve the quality of your real life.

When you see elephants sitting in water in your dream, know that success is headed your way. You will attain control over all challenges in your life and will feel extremely fulfilled with your community. The events of your life with take a positive turn and all your relationships will align in harmony with expectations.

Moreover, the group of elephants in your dream represent your family bonds and the water symbolizes the wholeness, contentment, values and joy that you all share. The flow of life seems to be going in your favor and it is now time to dream even bigger than before.

Dreaming of Elephants in Your Home

If the elephant in your dream enters your house, you can consider this a truly inspiring opportunity. Such a dream denotes abundance, protection and harmony that will soon be invited into your home.

This is a good time to practice gratitude and mindfulness for all the significant achievements in your life so far. You are about to enter a phase in your life where positive events, financial stability and many other rewards will enter your domain.

If in your dream you feel afraid of letting the elephant in your home or seem hesitant about it, it may indicate that you feel skeptical about the good things happening for you. If this is the case, the dream suggests that your fears are unrealistic and that you should not ignore the “elephant in the room”. Perhaps you are not yet ready to fully acknowledge various aspects of your life.

Feeding an Elephant in your Dream

To feed an elephant in your dream suggests that in the real world you are investing into something you feel will bring your life-changing profits and success. This is a perfect moment to pursue your education, career, or any other venue you are interested in like never before.

You are about to witness incredibly good luck and will soon see that things seem to simply work in your favor. If karma is bringing you these wonderful blessings, it’s important to make the best use of them and take your career to new heights.

Seeing a Wounded Elephant in your Dream

The injured elephant in your dream represents your empathic side in the real world. Perhaps you have been giving too much of yourself to others and on this quest to be helpful to everybody, you forgot to take care of yourself. The elephant suffering in your dream reflects the emotional state you are in and also warns you to take the time to heal yourself before it is too late.

If you naturally are a giving person, this is the perfect moment to reflect on your boundaries and protect your own soul. You cannot pour from an empty cup and cannot heal others without healing yourself first.

Dreaming about a Dead Elephant

Seeing a dead elephant in a dream can be a particularly disturbing for many of us and for a good reason – the death of an elephant in a dream marks an important loss in your real world. The death could be symbolic or physical, however in both cases it will be deeply felt either by you or someone close to you.

If you dream about a dead elephant, it’s best to be prepared for a tough ride ahead of you, one which may pass by easier than you think. The dead elephant could also relate to deep feelings of guilt and remorse after something you have done in the past. If this is the case, it’s best to lift this heavy burden off your chest and talk about it with someone you feel you can trust and rely on.

Dreaming about a Flying Elephant

A flying elephant is symbolic of your day-dreaming nature in the real world. You are easy going and embrace the flow of life as it comes. Even with all the hardships thrown in your path, you seem to always be looking on the bright side and figuring out an easy way out of the situation.

The flying elephant represents your elevated soul, as you truly believe in your own abilities. There is nothing you can’t achieve and this positive nature of yours will help you become an influential person in your community. No matter how grand the expectations in you real life are, you are able to fly above them.

Dreaming about an Elephant Attacking You

Being attacked by an angry or violent elephant in a dream can signify the immense stress and fears that dominate over your real world. You feel very concerned about a decision you have to make at work or in your personal life and would rather avoid it altogether.

The angry elephant in your dream reminds you of the urgency and importance of this situation and that the only way to escape it, is to face it. To be attacked by an elephant in your dream could also symbolize letting others down and fleeting the scene rather than fixing it. Your guilt is haunting you and if you leave it unattended, it may only grow bigger.

If you experience such a dream, it’s a good idea to revise your actions in the real world and see how you can make amends.

Dreaming about an Elephant Chasing You

Running away from the elephant in your dream indicates the heaviness of your expectations and commitments in the real world. You have certainly taken on more than you can carry and are now seeking a way to escape it.

The size of the elephant chasing you in your dream is symbolic of the gravity of the situation or the level of stress you are experiencing in your real life. The bigger the elephant, the bigger your fears are. In this type of dream the elephant is reminding you that you are putting way too much pressure on yourself.

If you dream about being chased by an entire herd of elephants, it means that various consequences have come to haunt you all at once and that it will take immense mental and emotional strength to overcome them.

Dream about Elephant Stampede

Tho dream of an elephant stampede can symbolize that you are not ready to flow with the changes in your life and defy all other helpful opinions that you receive. You feel stuck in your old ways and are not ready to let go of what you already know it’s working for you. In this case, the elephant stampede reflects your reaction to changes, which might just cost you important opportunities if you remain unfazed.

Moreover, an elephant stampede could indicate that you are faced with an impossible situation, a challenge much bigger than you’d even anticipated and that no matter which tactics you apply, you can’t seem to be able to overcome it. Take things slow and analyze the situation rationally before it becomes chaotic and impossible to control. Maintain your composure and do not allow any messy situation put your integrity in danger step over your dignity.

Dreaming about Training an Elephant

Training an elephant in your dream is linked to your aspirations in the real world. You are building your way up the social ladder and are planning a new startup in your real life.

To train an elephant can also be considered your subconscious trying to tell you that you have what it takes to discipline yourself and plan out your life the way you want it. If the elephant in your dream is friendly and cooperates with you, take it as a good sign, your hard work will be rewarded and you will obtain the results you want.

Alternatively, training an elephant in a dream could symbolize taking on a task much greater than anything you’ve attempted before and that you will need to dedicate a lot of resources for this endeavor to succeed.  If the elephant behaves, it means that the task will be difficult, but not impossible to fulfill.

Hunting Elephants in your Dream

To hunt elephants in your dream suggests that you are mentally, emotionally, and financially unstable and chaotically seek to find an easy way out. Having such a dream could denote that you are experiencing truly tough times in the real world and that your finances are at stake.

If you see yourself going elephant hunting in a dream it’s best to refrain from making any rush decisions or purchases in the real world, but instead to take things one at a time, with a positive mindset. It would be wise to wait out the storm and look for better opportunities as they present themselves to you.

The dream advises to not allow your temper to hijack your safety and hard-earned possessions so far.