Dolphin as Spirit Animal

Ever since the beginning of time, we have focused on solving life’s divine questions. Some of us have preferred a more intuitive approach, while others that are rational thinkers need hard proof. Regardless of which kind you are, in the beginning, we all need to gather information. In this beginner state, we read the general knowledge that has been collected throughout the centuries on the subject that we are interested in. Whether it is about animal symbolism, dreams, visions, intuitive truth, or spiritual guides – we need to get informed before we decide how to proceed.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Dolphin, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect with it, and more.

Dolphins are commonly associated with being playful, joyful, and ready to help. These animals get along with most species. Presumably, that is because of their high intelligence. We are amazed and intrigued by the nature of this animal. It represents divine love. With its communication skills, playfulness, ability to solve complex tasks, and willingness to help and guide other species, this animal is by far one of a kind. Dolphins have a strong individuality and play a unique role in a group setting. There isn’t one single pattern of behavior that we can relate them to, as they are all different from each other.

If you relate to the Spirit Guide Dolphin, you are most likely playful, curious, intelligent, kind, cooperative, gentle, and communicative. You feel an almost altruistic love towards humanity and all of earth’s creatures. Being gentle and kind comes naturally to you – as you are probably spiritually awakened, you understand that everything plays a divine part in the universe’s play.

Meaning and Symbolism of Dolphin as Spirit Animal

It is believed that dolphins have psychic abilities. They seem to understand the higher truths in life and apply them daily. When you can see the whole picture, the only thing that’s left is enjoying the part you play in it. Dolphins have effortlessly accepted their fate and have decided to get the most out of every experience life has to offer. They are considered the most intelligent animals on earth -some proof of that is: the ability to use different objects to achieve their goals, having complex emotions, like grieving the death of loved ones, mimicking and teasing others as a form of entertainment, and being gentle to other species.

Characteristics and Personality

Dolphins are the connection between humanity and nature. They embody the elements of water and air. Their higher intelligence is represented by the element Air, while Water is a sign of emotional depth. They embody joyful energy, filled with curiosity and intuitiveness. However, their playfulness comes from their ability to see the bigger picture and to care about other animals.

Dolphins can be seen as humans’ best friends in the ocean. For centuries they have been guiding us,  swimming with us, helping us through different experiences in our life, including the miracle of giving birth. They are a symbol of protection – there are various tales of them saving sailors from drowning. In Greek mythology, they are guides who have helped people go through different realms. In this sense, dolphins are not only associated with intelligence and playfulness but with protection and spiritual awakening.

They are thought to have metaphysical qualities. They can sense different animals and because of their highly developed brains, they know how to appropriately react to any situation. A sign of their high emotional intelligence is their ability to play with each other and other species. This is one of the few animals that experience such a colorful palette of feelings and is entitled to having an authentic personality. This means that there is no universal knowledge of how dolphins behave. Whether they’re introverted or extroverted differs from one animal to another. However, the personality trait that they all share this kindness and curiosity.

These animals represent:

  • Protection and guidance
  • Freedom
  • Curiosity
  • Playfulness and joy
  • Psychic Abilities
  • Teamwork
  • Higher Intelligence
  • Kindness

Dolphin Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Protection and guidance: There are countless stories of dolphins helping people – some of them were far from shore, some lost their way at sea, and some were in a life-or-death situation, close to drowning. Whatever the case, it is proven over and over there often will come to you in times of need. It will guide you to safety. Moreover, studies are showing that when women give birth near dolphins – they experience less pain and discomfort. However, this Is an old practice that no longer takes place.

Because of their higher intelligence, they appreciate the part that every organism plays in our ecosystem. It seems they can sense the universe’s divine plan, and they are making sure we are all on the right path. This guide can help you on your spiritual journey. It will share the higher knowledge with you, which will become the foundation of your altruistic love towards all living beings.

Higher Intelligence: Scientists consider dolphins to be among the most intelligent animals. They have large brains second only to ours by body size proportions. Like crows and gorillas, they use tools such as sharp pieces of coral for digging. Dolphins have complex emotional interactions. For example, they can playfully pass on a pufferfish to each other as a game. They can form attachments to different species. If a human regularly visits them and suddenly stops, they will grieve and leave little gifts on the shore, with the hope that they will return.

Higher intelligence correlates to kindness. Only after you know the secrets of life can you begin to love every part of it. This level of acceptance and care for other beings is a quality commonly seen in gods but rarely in the animal kingdom.

The Spirit Guide Dolphin will help you on your journey of becoming more altruistic. We all must reach the destination – therefore we need to help each other on the way. The ability to care about others, share with them, guide them on their way, assist them, and protect them, comes from love. This raw form of emotion can only be achieved through intelligence.

Playfulness and joy: Because of their higher understanding of life, dolphins are prone to enjoying it to the fullest. Are you having enough fun? Are you in touch with your inner child and its desires? It can be hard to be goofy and joyful. We tend to take life too seriously – we get anxious and overwork ourselves. This Spirit Guide will remind you that we are on this planet only for a short time. Therefore, we must make sure the time spent is enjoyable and memorable. Ask yourself daily: “What fun thing can I do?” and start making time for it. Pick up a new hobby, join a class, catch up with some friends or just get creative. Whatever you choose, make sure you are enjoying yourself all the way through! After all, our memories come from times of great emotion, and you will most likely not get them if you stick to a tight schedule all the time. Be spontaneous and brave! If it doesn’t sound like you at all, try planning time slots for it.

Freedom: By accepting ourselves fully, we can begin to express our personality authentically. Experiencing freedom is about having healthy attachments to things and people. If you know that you are on your right path no change could ever scare you – because it is bringing you closer to your goal! The Spirit Guide Dolphin will show you how to be joyful and free by believing in the divine plan the universe has for you. Try to remember a time you felt this way. A light and happy memory. What were you doing? What started this emotion? Take mental notes of your feelings and use the information you have collected to alter your life. Dolphins can easily enjoy life because they don’t overcomplicate situations. People tend to worry about the present, past, future, and if that isn’t enough – some probable scenarios too! Well, if we learn how to take it one thing at a time and worry only about the present if it needs more attention – we will live a much simpler and free life.

Dolphin Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Naive: Having endless optimism is a sure sign that they need some balance in that area. Optimally, we should all have a realistic approach to life with optimistic expectations. Therefore, when you are working with this spirit guide, keep in mind that life can’t always be fun and games, we need to take responsibility too! Not to forget that a lot of accidents can happen if we are all constantly optimistic. All actions have consequences – therefore, don’t expect yours to be an exception. As the saying goes: “You reap what you plant.”.

Insensitive: Dolphins can be cruel to other animals and their species as well. They bully their food before they eat it, sometimes eat their babies, attack humans, and play around with other fish like they are objects. However, this isn’t done out of hate – this is merely their way of exploring life and having fun. We should keep in mind that if we are happy at the expense of others, that’s an insensitive decision. Dolphins can let their curiosity and playfulness get the best of them. Higher Intelligence does need more entertainment, but not at the expense of others.

Dolphin as an Animal Totem

If you are looking for a reminder to live authentically, that transformation is natural, to love and experience life deeply, to have fun and enjoy yourself – you should carry a dolphin animal totem. To call upon any of the personality traits that this animal possesses keep a symbol of it around you. It doesn’t need to be anything special – it can be jewelry, art, symbols, written words, or anything you associate with this animal.

Keeping a dolphin totem in your home will bring transformation, guidance, higher intelligence, fun, freedom, and empathy to you.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Dolphin for Help?

Because this animal embodies both the elements of air and water, you could visit a place with a water source and swim in it. However, if you don’t have any planned vacations and you want to do it from the comfort of your home, you can find a simple guided meditation written below. The most effective way to communicate with your spirit guide is through visualization and listening to your intuition. Your emotions will show you what the dolphin is trying to communicate.

Simple ways to reconnect with the Animal Spirit Dolphin

Imagine that you are swimming in the ocean. Feel the water surrounding your body, acknowledge every spot it touches and the sensations it creates. Feel the waves, the strong pull of the ocean. The wind is going through your hair, you breathe in the salty air and enjoy the sun above you. When you have fully appreciated this sight of endless water, you decide to be adventurous.

You are diving deep into this underwater world. Imagine that you can breathe so you have all the time in the world to explore. There are thousands of different species around you, notice how they’re all connected, how they work together, and how everything looks divinely perfect. Being a part of this world full of wonders and possibilities fills you with excitement and joy. Explore everything that you find interesting – roam around, you have all the time in the world. In this way, you can experience true freedom and lightness.

In this visualization, you can imagine yourself in any way you want. It can be you, but with the ability to breathe underwater, or you as a mermaid, a fish, or simply have no form at all and observe what’s happening. Whatever you choose, make sure you feel safe, protected, marvelous, and free. Once you are ready, you can emerge from the water and enjoy a beautiful sunset.

Going through this visualization will enable you to reconnect to the Animal Spirit Dolphin and its knowledge. Now, through this exciting experience, try to find the answers you came for. Ask your guide openly a question. It will make itself known through your intuition or as a symbol in your visualization. Pay close attention to how you feel after you have asked your question. By understanding your emotions, you will find the right answer. If something makes you feel anxious, sad, or worried, try to examine it deeper to find its origin. On the other side, if something makes you happy, it’s a clear sign you are moving in the right direction!

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

Spirit animals come from other realms to bring unique energy into your life. They communicate in a unique language that few of us know. That is why some of their messages go by us unnoticed. We are not adjusted to receive information before we are ready to process it. However, as with any other language, we can learn how to spot it and decode it.

There are multiple ways of how your guide can make itself known: in your dreams, visions, and real-life situations. Pay attention to what the setting is when it appears. Anything that you associate with this animal will be used as means of communication. Seeing it in art, literature, social media, products, or being encountered by it in the wild. There are various possibilities, but if we are mindful of our lives, we will notice the important ones.

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

Only you, through your intuition, can decipher the message! You can read the universal symbolism, but you should always rely on your associations. People are universes filled with thoughts and ideas and every part of them is personalized. Keep in mind the qualities this animal embodies and how you feel about them. In what state does it leave you when you receive it?

What were the surroundings, the colors, and the feeling it leaves behind? A single detail can change the meaning of the whole message. Most important of all – trust your intuition and your gut feeling!

Meaning of Dolphin in Dreams

Decoding the messages a guide sends in dreams is no different than the ones in real life. Again. They are highly personal and only you can know for sure what their true meaning is. You can use universal symbolism to guide you, however, it is highly recommended to meditate on it and listen to your higher self.

Here are some examples of what a dream might mean:

However, here are some examples of what a dolphin’s message might mean:

In a social setting – it may mean that you should work on communication and lightness.

If it is at work, that would be an indicator that you need more fun and freedom in your life.

Swimming with dolphins represents the need for freedom.

Multiple dolphins swimming together is an omen of happiness through the collective.

Regardless of the situation, this spirit guide will always relate to freedom, joy, transformation, guidance, intelligence, playfulness, and altruism. Whether it is a problem regarding those qualities or a promise for them, only you can know.

Meaning of Dolphin in Various Mythologies

In Greek mythology, several myths associated with dolphins, portray them as the helpers of humankind. They were also the messengers of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, and sometimes did errands for him. They were sacred to both Aphrodite and Apollo.

In ancient Rome, the dolphins were bringing the souls of the dead to the Islands of the Blessed; They related these animals to the mystical processes of life, death, and resurrection.

It is said that the god Bacchus was captured by pirates. He managed to remove his chains and escape. Then the god turned into a panther, forgave the pirates, and transformed them into dolphins so that from then on, they would help men. This explains why these animals are attracted to humans, boats, and music.

For the Māori People and the Ngāti Wai of New Zealand, dolphins are viewed as water spirits.

In many sculptures from the East, the dolphin is associated with Atargatis, the mother goddess, goddess of vegetation, nourisher of life, and receiver of the dead who would be born again.

Christianity has adopted several of the Greek myths. The most famous of them is undoubtedly about St. Martinian – the Hermit. He, to avoid being tempted by a woman, could find no other escape other than to throw himself into the sea. Luckily, a dolphin carried him on its back to the shore.