Giraffe as Spirit Animal

Throughout history, we have been trying to reconnect with nature and the divine with different practices. While some may be considered controversial – others are still part of our daily lives in the forms of superstitions and folk tales. However, a few chosen people still remember the knowledge of the ancients. The way of reconnecting with them is through developing your intuition and observance.

This article focuses on the Spirit Animal Giraffe, its symbolism, personality traits, ways to reconnect with it, and more.

Giraffes are peaceful and calm animals. They are not afraid to stand out and reach their goals. However, they do it gracefully, in a balanced way, they are one with the divine and know that everything in the universe works perfectly. Giraffes have no issue when it comes to feeling empathy for others, guiding you to non-violence, to sincere and raw feelings, to well-thought-through decisions. They are calm, collected, goal-oriented, and adaptive.

If you feel like you embody these traits or want to channel them in your life, keep reading to find a way to better understand how to use and find them.

Meaning and Symbolism of Giraffe as Spirit Animal

If you relate to the Spirit Guide Giraffe, you are most likely goal-driven, peaceful, empathetic, intuitive, authentic, psychic, and a social butterfly. You understand the world around you and feel it in your bones – you are aware of the unwritten rules of society. The sacred laws of the universe are no mystery to you. Everything happens in its divine timing and there is no rush or accidents – with this knowledge, you can go peacefully through life.

The giraffe, from an evolutionary point of view, has always lived on the land. It has developed its long neck through the long process of natural selection. That is a perfect example of how it embodies the element Earth – it is resilient, goal-goal oriented, stable, practical, and protective. They are one with the universe and they have calmly accepted their role in it. Through perseverance, they have managed to achieve what no other animal has.

Characteristics and Personality

The Spirit Animal Giraffe brings serenity into our lives. It is a gentle and caring creature that has always aimed high and achieved its goals. This animal can teach you that you don’t need to change your goals – you need to change your approach. This may sound like a difficult task, however, with the right guidance, you will learn how to focus on one thing at a time.

Giraffes have mastered the art of authenticity. They have analyzed the environment, figured out what is crucial for their survival long ago, and taken the necessary steps. It can motivate us to strive to be better. The next generations will benefit from your efforts today. When you live with this knowledge – you know that every small step you take on the way will trigger the butterfly effect and will have an impact on the future. However, you are also calm because everything in the universe is in perfect balance – you learn to trust the process.

On your path, there will be people and events that will try to distract you from your intuition. This is an opportunity to stay true to your beliefs, to live your life authentically. When you find the strength to stand boldly and proudly – you will be prepared to achieve any goal. This is something that the Spirit Animal Giraffe will teach you when you start working with it.

These animals represent:

  • Sincerity
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stability
  • Determination
  • Psychic abilities
  • Intuition
  • Kindness
  • Authenticity

Giraffe Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Determination: As the tallest mammal of the animal kingdom, they can reach the impressive height of 6 meters. They have developed this through the long process of evolution. By reaching the highest branch – they inspire us to aim high and be persistent in our efforts. Nothing great happens overnight. You can go further and higher than you ever imagined it is possible. This Spirit Animal will inspire you to be true to yourself, find your higher calling, and concentrate your efforts towards it.

It’s common to feel excited about starting a new project or goal. In the beginning, we have the energy and passion to get something started or to accomplish something that we want. Willpower is what most people rely on to get started. However, willpower is not enough. It has a short life, and it alone cannot sustain the effort needed to reach the finish line when obstacles get in the way. You need a better strategy. This is why you need the Spirit Animal Giraffe in your life as a guide. It can show you how to stay motivated for a longer period – to achieve anything you have set your mind on.

Emotional Intelligence: Because of their capability to feel the universe deeply, giraffes can empathize with people profoundly. Their knowledge comes from the trust they put in the divine laws. Everything in the universe is exactly how it is supposed to be, to provide the perfect experience for us to grow and thrive. We are the creators of our own lives, whatever is happening, you are in complete control of it. The universe will provide any experience you have called upon so that you can develop further. Dare to be bold and authentic and the Spirit Animal Giraffe will teach you how to trust and enjoy the process.

Emotional intelligence is the art of understanding others and yourself and responding accordingly. The Spirit Animal Giraffe shows us the importance of accepting how we feel and how others do. Belittling experiences is unnecessary and harmful. Once we understand that emotions are to be appreciated and valued, as they are, in their raw version, we will be on the right path for emotional intelligence. Our soul’s purpose is to experience and develop, therefore paying attention to emotions is of the impost importance.

Intuition: It can be defined as our ability to know something without proof or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how that knowledge was acquired. Today we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded by data. When you add into the mix the fact that in this century we prize a focus on rationality and science, it is understandable that it can be hard to listen to our intuition and just let it flow. However, your inner knowledge is more valuable than any advice a person will give you. When you learn how to work with it and understand it – you will be more in tune with the divine and generally in a happier place in life.

Authenticity: The Spirit Animal Giraffe will help you find the strength to stand up for what you truly believe in. The first steps are always the most difficult. They come with a long process of collecting information about yourself. One of the most important steps – to set boundaries – is only possible when you focus on your priorities and goals. You can’t protect what you don’t know. Once you find something that you truly love and care about, you will be courageous enough to show it proudly to the world. To be authentic is an act of bravery and self-love.

Because of its understanding of the universe, the giraffe knows it is important that everyone plays their part. Therefore, there is no use in trying to be something you are not. You are already perfect in being yourself and the world needs you exactly like that.

Giraffe Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Passive: By trusting the laws of the universe completely, giraffes have become passive. They are one with the divine – that is why they have complete trust in it and rarely try to change anything. This is a reminder that there are times to accept the results – and times to work for them and start the change. We can’t be passive all the time because somebody needs to light the way of improvement. The world is constantly changing – to think that it is enough to evolve once would be a great setback.

Quiet: Giraffes are some of the animals that don’t communicate with each other through sounds. Developing a working lang language with your close ones is crucial. While animals can rely solely on body language, we need more precise information to be able to function in modern society. That is why it’s important to remember – stating your wants and needs verbally is the first step of acknowledging them.

Giraffe as an Animal Totem

A reminder to live authentically, that transformation is necessary, to love and experience life deeply, to be calm and trust the universe, to find the determination to achieve your goals -you should carry a giraffe animal totem. To invoke any of the personality traits that this animal possesses, keep a symbol of it around you. It can be jewelry, art, symbols, written words, or anything you associate with this animal.

Keeping a giraffe totem in your home will bring transformation, protection, emotional intelligence, determination, clarity, enhancement of your psychic abilities, and empathy to you.

How to Call the Animal Spirit of Giraffe for Help?

Ideally, because this animal embodies both the elements of earth and air, you could visit a place high in the mountains and let yourself connect to nature. However, if want to do it from the comfort of your home, you can find a simple guided meditation written below. The most effective way to communicate with your spirit guide is through visualization and listening to your intuition. Going through this meditation will help you embody their energy easily.

Simple ways to reconnect with the Animal Spirit Giraffe:

First, we call to mind the Earth element within ourselves. The Earth element is everything solid and resistant, everything that gives us form. Imagine that you are walking through a forest – feel every emotion in your body, where it touches the grounds, how it communicates with the material world. Focus on observing. How does it feel to be alive in this material space, how does the forest feel? Take some time to appreciate everything that your body is doing to keep you alive.

After you have grounded – you are free to aim for the sky. The stability that you have found in the forest has motivated you to see what there is beyond it. You have found safety and mental stability, now, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

You decide to climb up a tree to look around what options you have. Slowly but steadily, you go up the branches, feeling the fresh air on your whole body. Eventually, you reach the top. The view Is mesmerizing – now you understand that you are only a small part of nature’s plan.

At first, you may feel small in perspective to this site, but remember that it also means that the world is full of possibilities. It has an endless supply of new places and experiences. You just need to set your mind on a goal and you will reach it.

When you are trying to find the right solution – try to look at it from a higher perspective. It is necessary to be able to distance ourselves from the situation to be able to evaluate it precisely and make the right decision. The Spirit Animal Giraffe will help you develop a more accurate perspective on your choices.

How Does an Animal Spirit Make Itself Known?

Guides can convey messages from other realms. That is why they communicate in a completely different language than any of us already know. Some of their messages go by us unnoticed – we are not used to encountering them. However, we can learn how to spot them and decode them. Like any other language, the key is to practice. There are simple ways you can do this. For example – when you pay close attention to when and where you see this animal. That is one way you can narrow the possibilities on what message it might carry.

The Spirit Animal Giraffe can make itself known by appearing in your dreams, visions, and real-life situations. Some may say: “How often do you see a giraffe in real life?”. It can be in any form – it doesn’t have to be the animal itself. Some examples include seeing it in art, reading about it, hearing about them on the news, seeing this animal on clothes, a person randomly mentioning it, or being gifted a totem. Anything you associate with this animal will be used as means for it to communicate with you.

How to Understand Your Spirit Animal’s Message

Find your associations – how do you decipher the message? It may be easier to rely on universal symbolism, but nothing can compare to personal intuition. You are the only person that can accurately understand your divine messages.

Try to ask yourself first questions like: what does it mean for me, how does it make me feel, do I want to act upon it?

Meaning of Giraffe in Dreams

The meaning in your dreams is the same as finding out what the other messages represent. Again, they vary from individual to individual and only you can fully understand yours. Try to listen to your feelings during the dream and after that – they will be the most accurate guide.

Here are some examples of what a dream might mean:

If you had a dream where you see a giraffe sleeping this means that you are going to earn more money and that you will find ways to get to the top.

If you see a giraffe feeding itself from a tree this indicates that you are likely to complete your dreams.

When you have a dream about you owning a giraffe this means that your life is positive and so are you.

If a giraffe is running – it indicates that you are ignoring facts in your life and following some kind of a fantasy. You should try to be more grounded.

Meaning of Giraffe in Various Mythologies

An African myth says that God decided to make one last animal. He started with some parts from the leopard and the camel. Then he stretched the animal’s neck and called him a giraffe.

Throughout Africa, giraffes are highly regarded. In fact, in Botswana, they call the giraffe Thutlhwa, which means “the honored one.”

Another African tale, this one from the Bushmen of Mozambique, explains how the giraffe learned its purpose of guiding the sun.

Giraffes are still known as kirin in Japanese today and girin in Korean. However, the direct association has been lost in China, where the African animals are today called changjinglu, literally “long-necked deer.”. It symbolizes gentleness, goodness, and benevolence. It is said to have appeared just previous to the death of Confucius, and it will appear whenever a benevolent sovereign rules; it was a mythical animal of good omen.