Cricket as Spirit Animal

No matter where we live, we all have grown up listening to the chirpings of the crickets. They are so prevalent that their distinctive chirpings have become common background music at night. Two of the weirdest facts about crickets are – their ears are located in their legs and they don’t have any lungs. They chirp by rubbing their wings together. They sleep during the day and come out at night to look for food and mating.

Some of us find cricket’s unique chirping soothing to fall asleep. If you are one of them who refers to the cricket’s sound as the nature’s sound and find them pretty fascinating, you may have a fondness for them.

Crickets could be your spirit animal if you find quite a lot of similarities between you and them. You might see them in your dreams, you may think about them very often, or you may come across something unique related to them through books, arts, magazines, TV, or any other way. You may notice them in your surroundings frequently if you pay close attention.

Characteristics and Personalities

Crickets are highly active in warm temperatures. Their chirpings can be heard the most during hot summer nights. They are distantly related to the grasshoppers. If a cricket appears at your home or work, it’s a sign of good fortune. Crickets should not be harmed or killed as that may bring bad luck and problems in life.

Crickets have a pair of long antennas that is used to detect the movement of their prey. The long antennas symbolize establishing a connection with the Universe. Crickets stop chirping when they identify danger or other problems. This is one of the reasons why people in Europe and Asia wear cricket amulets to protect themselves from the evil eye.

They represent the higher senses and awareness to have a deep connection with the divine. This symbolizes the power to trust your instinct deeply and find a balance between the spiritual world and the materialistic world.

Cricket Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Crickets are harmless and they like to mind their own business. Below are some of the notable positive traits of cricket spirit animal –

  • Good Fortune
  • Vocal
  • Communication
  • Intuition
  • Patience
  • Independence
  • Sustainability
  • Focus
  • Self-awareness

Good Fortune

According to a few folklores of Asia and Europe, crickets are a sign of good luck. It used to be considered as a bad omen killing crickets as they sing in their tune in nature and harm no one. Cricket as your spirit animal brings good fortune and opportunities to shine in life.

If you feel stuck in life and waiting for the right opportunities to show up, call on your cricket spirit animal to bless you with the knowledge and vision to recognize the opportunity.


As a cricket-spirited individual, you have a song of your own. You like to stay in tune with your natural vibe. You do everything with a sense of rhythm and melody. When you become quiet and idle, people might think something is wrong with you. Cricket-spirited people may have a deep fondness for music or musical instruments.


Cricket as your spirit guide helps you to convey your message in the right way. You can effectively express your thoughts. If you are struggling to present yourself in the crowd or have a lack of communication skills, pray on to your cricket spirit animal for the energy and confidence to verbalize your thoughts and ideas properly.


Cricket as your spirit animal provides you strong instinct to rely on. You are a naturally resourceful individual. Pay close attention to your thoughts, the spirit animal might answer your doubts and worry.

The cricket energy will communicate with you through your intuition to show direction on your journey. It gives you the perception of what is wrong and what is right. Listen to your inner voice when you are in doubt and want to conquer the fear.


As a cricket-spirited individual, you are born with the art of patience. You have the endurance and tenacity to hold on to your dreams no matter how the circumstances turn into. You do not give up easily even when your patience is being tested multiple times.

If you are feeling hopeless or burnt out due to a situation, take a break and do your thinking when you are calm. Call on your spirit guide to provide you with the strength of perseverance and self-restraint.


Persons born with the cricket spirit like to do things on their own. They like to experiment new things and new adventures of life. They may take advice from others on what needs to be done. But in the end, they like to be the driver of the car.

Cricket as your spirit animal helps you to be independent and self-sustaining. It is okay to look for directions and answers from others, however, try to be self-supporting and self-content throughout your life.


Crickets have a strong impact on the environment. As part of the digestive functionality, they break the plant substances into micro portions that play a vital role in the sustainability of the environment.

Cricket as your spirit animal helps to develop a spiritual sense and brings a balance between your spiritual and physical energy. It helps you to sustain your natural vibe no matter what you are going through in life.


Cricket as your power animal helps you to concentrate on the things which you were unable to focus on till now. It helps you to devote yourself on prioritizing things that truly matter to you. The cricket energy gives you peace of mind and helps you to come out of restlessness and see things with utmost clarity.


Cricket as your spiritual messenger forces you to withdraw from the unnecessary chaos of life and helps you to listen to your inner voice. It asks you to reflect on yourself and have a deep conversation with your soul about your strength and flaws. That’s when you will find your true self and strive for the best.

Cricket Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Crickets don’t have many negative traits, but few of their positive energies can work adversely against them if they go out of balance and lose their equilibrium.

Below are some of the negative traits of cricket spirit animal –

  • Noisy
  • Restlessness
  • Egoistic
  • Sensitive


Some of us consider crickets as extremely noisy and disturbing. But in reality, they provide a sense of ideal night with its quietness and deep background chirpings of them. As a cricket spirit animal, you have your unique tune to carry off your responsibilities which might seem a bit awkward and troublesome to others.

Make sure you try your best not to cause any distress to others while being on your quest. Remind your true nature of patience and resilience and do your things in a composed way.


Crickets belong to the family of grasshoppers. There’s a famous quote from the 1970’s TV show named ‘Kung Fu’ where Master Po refers to his student as the ‘Young Grasshopper’ and asks him to have patience. We often heard mentors referring to their students as grasshoppers who are new in their journey of learning and excellence.

As a cricket individual, you might tend to hop from one place to the other just like the insect itself. You may find it difficult to stay in one place for a long time. You need to tell yourself to pause and hold on for a moment and take a thorough look at what you are trying to accomplish. Meditate on your cricket spirit animal to calm your nerves and be aware of your inner strength.


Cricket as your spirit guide helps you achieve your dreams and gives a sense of accomplishment. At times, you might boast about your success and forget your true nature. Cricket as your soul energy reminds you to be humble and grounded in your journey. It helps you to be realistic and keep your head, heart, and spirit in harmony.


As the cricket-spirited soul, you are naturally kind and sensitive. You like to support others emotionally and spiritually. However, at times people might take advantage of your tenderness. Be aware of your surroundings and try not to get entangled with the other person’s emotions while offering them help. Be there for people, but don’t forget to maintain and protect your vibe.

Cricket as an Animal Totem

Cricket as your animal totem symbolizes good luck, prosperity, patience, and communication. People with cricket as their animal totem know how to sing their song out loud. They have that zest to attract what they want in their life through their unique voice. They are very efficient communicators. Cricket-spirited souls have a deep understanding of music and they use the vibrations of music as a form of healing.

Cricket-spirited individuals are always on the go. They are very lively and highly energetic. When cricket as your animal totem glides in your path, you can expect good news and positive life changes.

This insect hops silently. You will hardly know its presence unless it starts chirping. In the same way, cricket as your animal totem encourages you to put your plans into action and achieve your success without making too much noise.

Times When You Need to Summon the Cricket Spirit Animal

  • You need to find your inner strength.
  • You are looking for new possibilities of life.
  • You are trying to express your unique melody.
  • You need to improve your communication skills.
  • You need self-confidence and self-reliance.
  • You need to protect yourself and your loved ones.
  • You need strength and willpower to progress on your journey.
  • You need patience and endurance to hold on to your dreams.
  • You need to face your fears and overcome challenges.
  • You need to be creative and intuitive.

Dream Interpretations of Cricket Spirit Animal

When it comes to dreams, the cricket spirit animal means strong instinct, good luck, and prosperity. It’s appearance typically depends on one’s current mental state.

If you see a cricket or orchestra (a group of crickets) singing in your dream, it means you are currently in flow with your life. You can tune in to your melody perfectly. It shows you are happy and content with your life at present.

If you dream of a cricket flying across your path out of nowhere, it hints upcoming opportunity or good luck in your way. It may indicate that your long-term hard work will finally be fruitful.

If you saw a cricket was hopping from one place to another, it may indicate your restlessness. It means you are not able to maintain your focus and concentration.

If you see a cricket is chirping peacefully in your house or at some particular place, it means you will be able to thrive in your journey and achieve success.

If you are feeling anxious and upset about the present situation of your life and your dream of crickets, it indicates you need to let go of your worries and trust your instinct to overcome the fear.

If you dream of crickets going quiet all of a sudden after constant chirping, it indicates possible difficulties or danger in waking life. You need to be aware of the people and your surroundings to be extra careful.

If you saw yourself killing a cricket, it can refer to some bad news or loss of an opportunity.

Mythological Significance of Cricket Spirit Animal

According to Native American beliefs, cricket as the spirit animal symbolizes self-awareness, intuition, and perception. They were believed to be associated with the spiritual world due to their long antennas. They were known to have the ability to communicate with the Universe and maintain the balance between the spiritual and material world. Shamans also predicted the movement of buffalo herd by the activity of crickets.

People in China used to show great reverence for cricket. They used to adore crickets as their pets. It was considered highly auspicious to present cricket as a gift to someone. It meant wishing them success, wealth, and happiness. The Chinese people also associated crickets with crops. It was believed to be the time to sow when they appeared and harvest when they left.

According to New Testament, there is a Baptist named John who prefers to eat crickets. The Christian belief also symbolizes the crickets as the spiritual beings who can leave the material body. It is said a person can hear the chirping of crickets right after having an out-of-body experience.

Celtic people referred to the crickets as the mysterious creatures of the earth. They believed that crickets must not be bad-mouthed or killed, otherwise, it may bring bad omen. Celts considered these little insects as the old folks and believed that they have a lot to tell. They also thought these insects can predict the weather.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect with You

Cricket is the mark of strength, independence, and dancing to your rhythm. If you feel you are cricket in human form and have the same in-born instincts as them, it’s time to connect with your soul guide.

Pay close attention to the nature and surroundings to look for signs and symbols from the spirit guide. Be open to welcoming new possibilities in life. Dreaming of your spirit animal is one of the unique ways the power animal would guide and show the directions of life.

Another best way to connect to your cricket spirit animal is through deep meditation. When the mind is free from its regular chatter and flowing in a calm state, it helps to see the clear picture. It gives mental clarity and helps to listen to the inner voice. Have a deep conversation with your spirit animal to show you hope and light amidst the darkness.

Summon your cricket spirit animal to help you with the nudge and intuitiveness to move forward and start a new chapter of life.