Turkey as Spirit Animal

Benjamin Franklin referred to the turkeys as ‘the bird of courage’ and ‘a true original native of America’. Turkeys are large birds mainly found in North America. The bird is especially recognized for the Thanksgiving celebrations. But they are more than just a big chicken for the plate. As an undeniable symbol of Thanksgiving, the turkey is associated with gratitude, prosperity, and celebrations with family. The bird is widespread and highly adaptable.

If you dream of this bird very often and see unusual connections related to this bird in your surroundings, chances are the turkey as your spirit animal is trying to connect with you. You may have thoughts of this bird out of nowhere, may notice it coincidentally in any book, TV show, or anywhere around you which indicate some kind of sign that you may need to decipher.

Characteristics and Symbolism

The turkey as a spirit animal is closely associated with the symbol of Mother Nature and its abundance of blessings on us. As a spiritual symbol, the bird reminds us to respect, value, and nurture the resources provided by the Earth.

It inspires you to be generous to share your bit with everyone as much as possible and develop a harmonious relationship with the spirit of Earth. It helps you to be grateful and content with whatever has been given to you by the divine. Turkey as the animal totem defines and strengthens the interconnectedness between our existence and the Universe.

Turkey Spirit Animal Positive Powers

When turkey as your spirit animal glides in your path, it reminds you to resolve your conflicts by integrating spiritual wisdom in the reality of life.

Below are the positive traits of a person with turkey spirit animal:

  • Abundance
  • Generosity
  • Intuition
  • Nature lover
  • Community
  • Harvest


You have a sense of abundance in life. You are sensitive and thoughtful towards the Earth. You firmly believe whatever is sustaining the life is a true blessing of the Universe. You are grateful for the resources of nature and are strongly against any sort of exploitation of Mother Earth.

The same goes for the relationships you hold with your family and loved ones. You appreciate the presence of every people around you whether good or bad as every person teaches something about life. The feeling of abundance helps you to overcome any difficulties of life and guides you to move towards contentment and prosperity in life.


You are a natural giver as a turkey-spirited individual. You strongly believe that sharing is caring. You like to see others happy and content around you.

You try your best to share a portion of your happiness with your close ones. As a turkey-spirited individual, you tend to be an animal lover. You can feel a strong connection for the voiceless souls and you always tend to do as much as possible for the welfare of animals.


Turkeys have a strong intuition and amazing surviving skills. They can sense their predator very well. As your spirit guide, the turkey spirit animal urges you to trust your gut feeling before taking any action. If you sense something is wrong that means something is definitely going wrong. In the moment of indecision and uncertainty, always listen to your inner voice and make your judgment.

Nature lover

As a turkey-spirited individual, nothing clears your mind more than taking a stroll in the nature. You simply like to absorb the silence and beauty of nature. It gives you strength, makes your spirit stronger, and does not let your soul falter amidst the chaos of life.

Whatever you do in life, you try to live one step closer to nature. As a turkey-spirited person, you could be a mountain lover or a forest lover. A peaceful moment with nature probably brings you the highest satisfaction and contentment.


If the turkey is your spirit animal, the community is important for you. You like to give a lot of your focus to your friends and family. You are loyal and truthful in your relationships. In the moment of conflicts, you like to take a moment to judge if you were the one behaving or acting in the wrong way as you are willing to take responsibility and alter the situation for the good.

People like to share their pain with you because of your kind gesture. You appreciate and support the people in your group and do everything possible to keep the pack stronger. Turkey as your spirit guide helps you to offer guidance and become the light for others.


Turkey as your spiritual guide helps you to unlock your full potential. When this animal comes into your life, it removes the obstacles from your path and helps you to harvest the fruits of your hard work. It inspires you to recognize your abilities, overcome your fears, and become the best version of yourself. It helps you to clear the emotional trashes and move ahead with your life leaving the past behind.

Turkey Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Turkey-spirited individuals are peace lovers. They do not go mad easily. They always try to maintain their calm disposition. But we all have our positive as well as negative sides.

Below are some of the negative traits that the turkey-spirited individuals need to be careful of:

  • Natural Giver
  • Sensitive
  • Aggressive

Natural Giver

The world needs more peacemakers and givers like you, unlike the people who are only here to take from others. You are always there to help others regardless of your situation. But remember to identify the right people who are worthy of your generosity and support as the world is filled with individuals who would like to take advantage of your abundant nature.


People always trust you for your truthfulness and faithfulness. They can trust you with their secrets. Being a turkey-spirited individual, you tend to be very sensitive and get easily entangled with others’ emotions while offering them emotional and spiritual support.

It is important to be there when someone needs us but make sure you do not give yourself too much in this process. Try to provide resolution with the intention of responsibility without actually feeling emotionally tired.


Turkeys become extremely aggressive and attack when they sense danger. As a turkey-spirited individual, you tend to protect your clan wholeheartedly. You do not let anything get your way. If things go out of control, you can be extremely impulsive and hurt people who might be coming your way. You don’t get angry easily but once you do, you can become highly aggressive.

It is best to practice deep breathing and mindfulness as meditation helps to calm the nerves. You can meditate on your turkey spirit to summon the natural calming disposition.

Turkey as an Animal Totem

As an animal totem, the turkey symbolizes harvest and abundance. When turkey as your spirit animal comes in your journey, it reminds you to take proper care of the seeds that will soon be ready for harvest. It opens the door of opportunity for you to move ahead and grow. It gives you the inspiration to overcome your doubts, challenge your fears, and express your best self. People around you find themselves to be happy and peaceful.

If the turkey is your birth totem, you need to connect with nature as much as possible to balance your energy and manifest the best version of yourself. You become more grateful for the resources of the earth that nourish your spiritual, emotional, physical aspects.

Times When You Need to Summon the Turkey Spirit Animal

  • You need to be kind and abundant.
  • You need to be more intuitive.
  • You need to be strong and face your fears.
  • You are looking for opportunities.
  • You need to work at your highest potential.
  • You need to overcome self-doubt and become more self-reliant.
  • You need to show the light of hope for others.
  • You like to share your happiness with others.
  • You need to maintain your coolness.
  • You need the courage to break all the barriers and connect with nature.
  • You need to maintain a strong community.
  • You need to stand for the truth.
  • You need to be emotionally detached yet be the emotional support for others.

Dream Interpretation of Turkey Spirit Animal

Dreaming of turkey can indicate a lot of possibilities in your life. It helps you to be more aware of your career, relationships, and spiritual self. In general, dreaming about turkeys means financial prosperity, success in business, good news, and growth in life. However, depending on the dreamer’s psychological state, the dream can indicate a lot of outcomes.

If you saw a healthy turkey pecking its food in peace, it means you are content with the present phase of your life and doing well in maintaining the balance in work and relationship.

If you saw the turkey was hatching eggs, it means new opportunities or some good news is on the way.

If you dreamt of eating turkey with your close ones, it indicates closeness with your family and friends.

If you saw the turkey is trying to chase or peck you, it shows your generosity and wiliness to sacrifice your needs for others. If you remained unharmed or unaffected while the pecking, it shows a lack of emotional connection or empathy for others.

If you dreamt of two or more turkeys are fighting with each other, it indicates some upcoming conflicts with your family or fellow workers.

If you dreamt of a black turkey, it means you are have lost motivation to do whatever you love to do. It may indicate that you are not using your full potential.

Dreaming of a white turkey indicates peace and contentment in life. If you are facing difficulties or conflicts with others, it will be resolved soon.

If the turkey is hiding or walking away from you, it means you are running away from your fear. You are trying to avoid problems that need to be dealt with as soon as possible.

If you are shooting or hunting the turkey, it means you are not being honest and truthful in your quest and trying to achieve success in immoral ways.

If you have dreamt of a dead turkey, it can indicate that you are unable to recognize the opportunity that might be in front of you. It can also hint at an illness, bad news, or loss of confidence.

Mythological Significance of Turkey Spirit Animal

According to Native American symbolism, the turkey is an emblem of destiny. Various tribes perform turkey dances as an annual celebration of togetherness. There are different ways the turkeys are depicted. The bird is a trickster according to some beliefs. It is a shy animal and a natural giver according to another folklore.

As per some myths, the turkeys were used to predict weather conditions. The turkey clans still exist among the tribes of Navajo, Zuni, and Shawnee. A particular tribe from Oklahoma still practices the traditional turkey dance.

As per the recent historical findings at the Jaguar Paw Temple, Mayans have been using turkeys as ritual sacrifice. Turkeys were domesticated by the Aztec tribe way before the time of Spanish colonization. The Aztec people used to worship a Jade Turkey named Chalchiuhtotolin who was the God of disease and plague. People used to worship him for treating illness, getting rid of guilt, and cleansing their souls.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect with You

Turkey as your spirit animal comes in your life when you need to channel your inner strength in a more balanced way. If you have been looking for signs from the Universe to help you, don’t be surprised if you randomly come across your spirit animal. You may notice the bird in places and surroundings which might surprise you.

You may notice a pattern of events where you might have seen the bird out of nowhere. They may appear on a TV show, later you might see them on a book, magazine, or any hoarding by the road, post which they may appear in your dreams. If these kinds of synchronicity of the events surprise you, it means your spirit animal is trying to connect with you.

The best way to communicate with your spirit animal is through deep meditation where the mind is in peace and free of restlessness.

Call on your turkey spirit animal to foster the attitude of gratefulness and embrace the new changes of life. Summon the power of the turkey spirit to be have a distinctive voice, and be powerful and fearless.