Jackal as Spirit Animal

Jackals are medium-sized, lightly built omnivores that are known for their opportunistic hunting skills. They are highly active creatures and have a well-suited physique for long-distance running. The word ‘jackal’ has been derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Srigal’ which means ‘the howler’. They belong to the canine animals that are related to dogs, foxes, coyotes, and wolves.

The jackal could be your spirit animal if you notice things related to this animal quite often in your surroundings that give an impression of some sort of signs and symbols. This animal may appear in your dreams to convey the message to guide you in the right direction.

Characteristics and Personality

If jackal is your birth totem, you are known to outsmart others. You are positive and self-reliant. Creativity is inherent in you. When jackal as your spirit animal appears in your life, it teaches you to think out of the box and helps you to come up with fresh ideas and unique solutions.

Some jackals are social mammals while others are not. Some live in pairs while others live alone. They are also very territorial and protect their habitat as a team. They do eat, sleep, and hunt in pairs. People with the jackal as their spirit animal tend to prefer to be in groups. But, encountering the jackal energy also teaches us to spend some time alone to find answers to our problems.

When the jackal comes into your awareness, it’s a sign that you need to be cunning and sharp. Like jackals, you need to outplay others to reach your goal. You have impressive mystic abilities to discern other people’s motives or any threats around you.

Jackals are mostly active during the night. As a jackal-spirited individual, you like to remain active at night. You tend to do your work and follow your creative passions mostly in the last hours as you tend to like the quietness of the night.

Jackals as the spirit animal denote movement, opportunity, mystery, and wittiness. It teaches you to be loyal and truthful to your partner. Jackal as the power animal urges to be fearless in adverse circumstances and make any move wisely.

Jackal Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Below are the positive traits found in Jackal-spirited individuals:

  • Smart
  • Opportunistic
  • Productive
  • Ingenuity
  • Truthfulness
  • Active
  • Orderliness
  • Mystic
  • Self-reliant
  • Protective


People with jackals as their spirit animals are naturally one step ahead of everyone else. They are clever and sharp-witted. They are shrewd in making critical decisions and proficient in understanding the complexity of any problem. They can easily notice any missing dots which other people might overlook. They tend to dive deeper to extract vital information to reach their goal.

If jackal is your animal totem, you are proficient in analyzing the situation pretty well and taking the right step forward. Pray on your jackal spirit animal if you are uncertain or not able to discern things properly.


Work with your jackal power energy when you are looking for new opportunities, new changes, and new possibilities in life. It will help you to recognize the right set of circumstances to seize the opportunity. If you have been working hard and are not able to see any outcome, pray on your jackal spirit animal to get the chance to manifest your potential at the right time. You may notice the right set of contacts and possibilities are making their way into your life.


People with jackals as their spirit animals are highly productive people. They tend to respond to problems, barriers, and challenges with more of a problem-solving orientation. They try to arm themselves with the right set of information and tools to maximize their odds of success. They accept any sort of criticism and get the requisite skills to improve themselves. They are pretty disciplined in maintaining consistency and committing to teamwork.


Individuals born with jackals as their animal totem have an insatiable curiosity. They are open to new ideas and willing to accept others’ views and opinions with an open mind. They are constantly upgrading themselves to generate more creative ideas. Jackal-spirited individuals come up with unique solutions and proposals after considering and analyzing all ways possible. Jackals are known to be cunning, but they are also pretty innovative and unconventional.


If you are born with a jackal as your birth totem, you are loyal and truthful in your relationship. You try to maintain as much transparency as possible with your partner. You are a person who showcases a high level of trust in your partners and can stand strong in the face of rejection, criticism, argument, and disappointment. You tend to possess a good understanding of your loved ones and try to keep things together from getting them astray.


Jackals are highly active during dawn and dusk. They are quite nocturnal and hunt in a pack of around six members, sometimes in pairs, or alone. They are light-weight and their physique is ideally suited for running. They are fast-running canines and can catch up to a speed of approx. 40mph.

As a jackal-spirited individual, you are a person of movement and action. Idleness is not something that can be found in your dictionary. You are always thinking, analyzing, creating, and performing certain tasks. You tend to finish your work before the deadline. Once you decide on any course of action, you try to accomplish the same and stick to your commitment.


Jackal-spirited souls are disciplined and well-behaved. They like to do things systematically. Their possessions can be seen arranged or disposed of in a neat, tidy manner. They usually have a plan and clear methodology before stepping foot on any journey or task. The quality of being well-arranged helps them to delegate and implement complex tasks efficiently.


You are known to have mystic abilities to sense things beyond the realm. You are highly intuitive and can discern things without conscious reasoning. Use your judgment before taking any action. Listen to your inner voice when you are unable to make any decision. You may have a fascination for subjects that involve metaphysics, spiritualism, mystery, and thrill.


Jackals can be found living in packs as well as surviving alone. People with jackal as their spirit animal know how to blend with people and connect at social events. They give utmost importance to their friends and family members. However, they need significant time alone with themselves to revive and arrange their thoughts.

If you feel too overwhelmed and stressed out by the situation and unable to make any sane judgment, pray to your jackal spirit animal. It will help you to be in a sound mind to think rationally. Meditate on your spirit animal to get clarity on your thoughts and be reasonable with your decisions.


Jackals have a specific yipping sound that’s recognized and responded to only by their pack members. It’s a kind of security code between pack members. Both the male and female jackals care for their young for over two months. They nurture, attend to, and safeguard them from possible predators until they are confident on their own.

Jackal as your spirit animal comes into your consciousness when you are worried about the safety and wellbeing of your family and loved ones. It brings the awareness and strength to face your fears and do the needful to protect your people from any harmful acts or threats. It gives you the ideas, ways, and contacts through which you can build a secured safety net around your close ones.

Jackal Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are the negative traits that jackal-spirited individuals should be aware of –

  • Procrastination
  • Anxious
  • Trickery


You may tend to procrastinate your scheduled tasks. It should not be confused with laziness as jackals are activity lovers. You choose to do something else instead of the task that you should be doing. If procrastination is continued for a longer period, it can lead to demotivation and low self-esteem.

When jackal as your power animal glides into your path, it reminds you to recognize the reason behind postponing certain tasks. It can be poor decision-making, boredom, or unable to see the significance of the task.

With the jackal consciousness, you will be able to commit to your tasks and feel empowered taking the first step forward. It gives you the strength to act as you go and reduce the likelihood of procrastination in the future.


You tend to lose your calm when things are not working in order. As an organized person, you like to do things in a structured fashion. You tend to feel restless and overwhelmed when things are out of arrangement and do not work out as they should.

The ideal way to deal with this concern is to meditate on your spirit animal. It will help you to control your emotions and aid you to put things in order. Even if things become messy and out of order, you will be able to control your emotions and assemble everything back into shape.


Being the jackal spirit, you are skillful in adapting to unexpected changes and using your stealth to make it through any unsettling situation. You are proficient in dodging traps, eluding any form of capture, and using tactics to pretend to be unaware of things.

Although these can be a part of your survival, you may unintentionally give an impression of being a manipulator to people. This might cause trouble in grabbing new opportunities or making new contacts or keeping relationships intact. Be aware of your movements while taking any action. Make sure your actions do not cause damage to your growth.

Jackal as an Animal Totem

Jackal as an animal totem represents the symbolism of being smart, cunning, swift, adaptable, and moving. It represents an observant approach to life. Jackal removes clutter from your mind and helps you to manifest things that you always wanted to achieve. It helps you to have an intimate relationship filled with passion and faith.

The jackal energy reminds you that it does not matter if you are validated or appreciated by others, you have the inherent ability to rely on yourself and make your own choice for the betterment of your life.

Times When You Need to Summon the Jackal Spirit Animal

  • You need to be smart and crafty to make your way through life.
  • You need to listen to your inner self and make a decision.
  • You need to forget the past and move on with life.
  • You need to be resourceful and creative.
  • You need to be shrewd to outsmart your enemies.
  • You need to adapt yourself to the changing environment.
  • You are looking for new opportunities in life.
  • You need to be truthful to your partner.
  • You need to maintain loyalty and unity with your pack.
  • You need to bring movement and change in life.

Jackal in Dreams

When you have a jackal dream, it’s a sign that things are about to get changed in your life.

Dreaming of a jackal roaming in the wild for food but it’s not fearful or restless means you are trying your best to find out a solution to your problems.

If the jackal was eating the flesh of other animals, you may need to fix someone else’s fault.

If you dream of many jackals living next to your house means a tough phase of your life is going to end soon.

If the jackal is quite angry at you and trying to come closer to you, it indicates that you may have many envious people around you. Some of them are trying to defame or demean you.

If you are being chased by the jackal in your dream, you are probably scared of your feelings and trying to run away from facing the truth.

Dreaming of jackals taking care of their babies means you need to be more careful and protective towards your loved ones.

If the jackal was trying to talk to you, it is your psyche that’s sending you a strong message to pay attention to your soul and question your actions and motivations.

Seeing a dead jackal in your dream means you will overcome the adversities of life and receive positive outcomes from your hard work. It indicates success and abundance is on your way.

Mythological Significance of Jackals

Jackals are often referred to as the clever sorcerers in the myths of their religions. They have been mentioned roughly 14 times in the Bible. Jackals are depicted as the symbol of desolation, abandonment, and loneliness as they are known to have lived in deserted cities and ruins left by humans. In several traditions of the Bible, they are known as the ‘wild dog’.

According to the ancient Indian collection of animal fables (Panchatantra), the jackals are known as wise and smart creatures.

According to the Serer religion of West Africa, there’s a creation myth that says that jackals were the first animals created by the supreme deity of the Serer people who is known as ‘Roog’.

Anubis was one of the well-known ancient Egyptian deities who was the god of death, embalming, mummification, cemeteries, tombs, and the underworld. He was also known as Inpu, Anpu, or Inpw. He was depicted as the man with the head of a jackal. One of his prominent roles was to guide the newly deceased souls from earth to the afterlife without judging them.

Connecting Yourself with Jackal Spirit Animal

If you have been dreaming of jackals quite often or it’s catching your attention through some or the other way randomly, it’s a sign that the spirit animal is trying to connect with you.

The ideal way to establish communication with your spirit animal is through deep meditation. This is when the mind is relaxed and free from the regular turbulences of life. When the mind is calm, you can hear your inner voice that got suppressed under a mountain of emotions. Be mindful and withdraw yourself from everything else for a few moments and simply observe your thoughts like passing clouds. Do not judge or entangle with them. Simply watch your thoughts and be in the present. Regular practice will help you to dive deeper into your subconscious mind and will help you to find the answer that you were looking for.

Summon the jackal spirit animal to develop the potential to outsmart the challenges of life and make your way forward to growth and success.