Ferret as as Spirit Animal

If you have a ferret as your pet, you may know how this cute little creature is full of personality. Being a member of the weasel family, they are thought to have descended from the European polecat. They are the only domesticated species belonging to the Mustelidae family. Ferrets are believed to have been domesticated since ancient Greece.

Ferrets are highly intelligent and curious little social creatures. They are very active and playful. Ferrets will entertain you with their tricks and amusing behavior. They bring sheer joy and affection to lift your mood.

It’s common to dream about them when you have them as your pets. If you have a special fondness and strong feelings for this animal, you think of them pretty often, dream of them frequently, and you can’t stop admiring them, you might have a soul of a ferret inside. If you find quite a lot of similarities between you and the ferret, then the ferret is your animal totem.

Characteristics and Personality

Did you know a group of ferrets is called ‘Business’? Even if you give them enough space to share, they like to cuddle and sleep tight to one another in one small space. Needless to say, ferrets are very social animals. They love to crawl through your clothes, bags, cardboard boxes, PVC piping, etc. They puff their tails, arch their backs, move from side to side, and dance to show their playfulness and happiness. They are curious and mischievous.

People with ferrets as their animal totem are smart and determined to figure out challenges and puzzles with commendable persistence. They always have an amazing problem-solving attitude. As a ferret individual, you are naturally a very social, jolly, and uplifting person.

The ferret as an animal totem represents the earth element. You like to remain grounded, humble, and balanced. You are decisive, wise, and elusive. You are curious about everything and like to discover knowledge and new possibilities in life.

You are often a trickster and full of energy. You are often the person people like to be around and spend their valuable time with you. The ferret energy in you energizes people, inspires them, and lifts them.

Ferret Spirit Animal Positive Powers

Needless to say, a ferret as your pet and as your spirit guide brings a lot of positive energies into your life. Below are some of the notable positive traits of ferret spirit animal –

  • Playfulness
  • Secretive
  • Energetic
  • Curious
  • Humbleness
  • Social
  • Resoluteness
  • Trickster


Owning ferrets has been proven to show health benefits because of the joy and affection it brings to the owner’s life. Ferrets are known to entertain people endlessly with their antics.

As a ferret-spirited individual, you are naturally cheerful, optimistic, and bright human. Ferret as your animal totem reminds you how to play. We are often drowning with responsibilities and daily stressors of life. The ferret spirit animal walks into life when you have forgotten your true self.

The ferret energy reminds you to take a break and breath a little. Keep aside a few moments for yourself every day to engage your inner child in something that truly brings you joy and relaxation. Make it a regular habit to have some ‘me’ time to rejuvenate yourself.


Ferret-spirited individuals are highly elusive people. They are mysterious and it’s very difficult to perceive what they are thinking. As a ferret person, you are always on the move to grab your desired opportunities.

You are highly observant and like to keep things to yourself. Hence, it is also hard to understand your emotions by your expressions as you are very good at hiding them.


If the ferret is your birth totem, you are naturally very energetic and full of spirit. You are a go-getter. You are highly productive and organized. You like to finish everything on time.

Laziness is not something that can be found in your dictionary. You like to stay fit and active. You encourage and motivate people in your team to accomplish your mission.


As a ferret-spirited human, you are always drawn toward mystery and adventure. You like to question the world and know the unknown. The ferret energy gives you the curious mind to explore the offbeat and unconventional. As a person, you can be someone who loves to take the detour and have some adventure.


The spirit of the ferret makes you kind, generous, and down-to-earth. You do not like to show yourself off unnecessarily. You don’t believe in the concept of putting others down to lift yourself.

You like to enjoy, share, and celebrate with everyone in the room. People like to share their thoughts, ideas, and opinion with you due to your open-minded nature.


As a ferret-minded person, you are lively, smart, and love to hang around with people. You like to have meaningful conversations and exchange views with people. You tend to make new connections, blend with them, and learn from them as much as possible. You are probably the one in the group who loves to host fun-loving activities and sports.


You have amazing analytical ability and high intelligence to understand the depth of any problem. You have an eye for resoluteness. You always have a solution-oriented approach to every challenging situation in life. This attitude helps you to find opportunities to utilize your skills and help others to deal with their problems effectively.


Ferret-spirited people are often known for their mischievous nature. If they are trying to prank someone, they are very good at hiding things in places that one may have a hard time finding. They are also a well-known trickster and can hoax things to irritate someone they like or just to have fun. Though they try their best not to cause harm to anyone with their naughty behavior.

Ferret Spirit Animal Negative Powers

  • Solitude
  • Sensitive
  • Hiding emotions


If the ferret is your spirit energy, you tend to like companionship and social gatherings. You like to build new connections and hang out with a diverse group of people. You like to join clubs, take part in fun games, and organize events. You are a people person.

You may find it difficult to sit all by yourself doing nothing. It may lead you to restlessness. While being social is completely healthy and necessary, spending some time with yourself is also important.

When you start reflecting on yourself, things start getting clear in your head and you get better clarity of your life. Practice mindfulness and try to sit with yourself every day for a small amount of time. This will help to reduce your stress and effectively handle your emotions.


As a ferret-spirited person, you often tend to give yourself too much to things that do not matter. You are kind, humble, and sensitive. You try your best to help others in their emotional or any other turmoil.

Be sure not to get entangled with another person’s emotions while lending your support. You can establish your boundaries and protect yourself while supporting others spiritually and emotionally.

Hiding emotions

If the ferret is your birth totem, you are a naturally jovial and social person. However, you often tend to hide your emotions under that smiling face. You like to keep things to yourself and don’t like to bother anyone with your troubles. But if you are stressed and facing some difficult times to keep up with yourself, you may need to open up to someone who can help you.

It’s imperative to express our emotions and not suppress them. If needed, you may seek professional help to get over something that is bothering you. If nothing works, be calm and meditate on your ferret spirit animal to provide you guidance to find the right direction.

Times When You Need to Summon the Ferret Spirit Animal

  • You need to be active and conscious.
  • You need to be playful, and bring joy and hope wherever you go.
  • You need to remain kind and humble no matter how hard the situation becomes.
  • You need to uplift yourself to walk confidently in life.
  • You need to be bold to face your fears and overcome the challenges.
  • You need to be intuitive and elusive.
  • You need to heal yourself and others.
  • You need to socialize with your community.
  • You are looking for new opportunities.
  • You are seeking guidance to remove doubt, negativity, and hopelessness.

Ferret as an Animal Totem

People with ferrets as their animal totem are bold, determined, and goal-oriented. They have good communication skills which keep them ahead of everyone else. When a ferret as your spirit animal walks into your life, it asks you to envision optimism and positive life changes.

Ferret as an animal totem represents joyfulness, passion, and healing. The ferret energy challenges you to know your strength and weaknesses. It helps you to see the hidden reasons behind everything. It asks you to dive deep into the hidden part of yourself to look for the answers and develop higher consciousness. The ferret energy helps you to reach your full potential and express the best version of yourself.

Dream Interpretation of Ferret Spirit Animal

Dreams are the mirror of your subconscious mind. It’s a state to identify the deep-rooted thoughts and issues of life. Seeing ferrets in your dreams can symbolize a lot of possibilities. It can mean something positive as well as something negative. Ferrets are believed to display distrust or wariness, or they can also indicate playfulness and resourcefulness.

Ferrets are adorable creatures that humans wish to identify with. If you dreamt of a ferret being playful and joyous with you, it indicates that you are a peaceful and happy person who likes spread love and kindness.

If the ferret is approaching in your dream and you are happy seeing the animal, it indicates you have a firm belief in yourself and are willing to overcome any challenges and obstacles in life.

If you caught the ferret in your dream, it refers to some upcoming conflict in the future. Try to maintain a balanced relationship with everyone and use your strength and calm nerve to resolve any conflict wisely.

If you are hunting for a ferret in the dream, you are looking for some meaning in life. You want to add value in your life and to the life of others. You have the persistence and vision to do things but you may be going in the wrong way.

If the ferret is running away from you, this means someone intends to harm you or maybe insecure about you. Be careful of people and their true intentions.

If you have dreamt of feeding the ferret, it indicates a positive sign in your life. It means you might meet someone in the future who will remain by your side under all circumstances. The person will be your true friend and a trustable guide.

If you saw someone else feeding the ferret, it reminds you to utilize your skills and expertise to help the people around you who might need your support. The dream indicates stepping in to provide them guidance and confidence to trust their abilities.

If you saw the ferret as your pet, it’s a reminder that you are unique and you, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire world, deserve your love and affection.

If you dreamt of the ferret licking your hand, it hints at some upcoming opportunities in your way. It could be something you always wanted to do for the welfare of others.

If you are chasing the ferret, it shows you have a genuine concern for others. You are willing to help and understand people with their conflicts and try your best to aid them with their fears and worries.

If you are running away from the ferret, it indicates your low self-esteem and hopelessness. You may have surrounded yourself with negative people and the dream is a sign of warning and guidance to protect yourself.

If the ferret was attacking you in your dream, it means somebody wants to damage your reputation or good work. It indicates someone might be highly insecure about your success and trying to harm you or spoil your good deeds. Be careful of the people around you.

If the dream was about a wounded ferret, it symbolizes that the problems are not as big as they seem. You have the full potential and resourcefulness to deal with any kind of challenge in life.

If you have wounded the ferret, it shows you have been successful in overcoming some of the toughest situations of life and you feel confident about yourself.

If you have killed a ferret in your dream, it means you feel stuck or hopeless in the current situation and unable to get out of it. The dream shows your ability to listen to your inner voice and call on your spirit animal for guidance and wisdom.

Mythological Significance of Ferret Spirit Animal

The Blackfoot wild ferret has been a significant part of various religious rituals and symbolism of the Native American tribes. The Native American weasel has close associations with the wild ferret in terms of meaning and symbolism. The ferrets are highly revered among various tribes like Cheyenne, Sioux, Blackfoot, Pawnee, and Crow Natives.

Native Americans used to see ferrets as symbols of power and inquisitiveness. The black and white color of the weasels signifies the life cycle of the Ying and the Yang. The Anishinabe tribes used to symbolize the ferrets as the emblem of medicine and healing.

The animal’s tail was considered a sign of good luck, health, and wealth for the Athabascan tribes of Alaska. The people of the Tlingit tribe used to symbolize the creature of magic and sorcery. Hence, they refused to consume the meat of ferrets.

The Mongolian Story of Ferret Spirit Animal

The story begins with the great emperor Genghis Khan who once wanted to attack Russia. The emperor did not have any clue about the strength of the force standing in opposition. There was a great wizard named Volga Vseslavich who had an army of seven thousand. Before attacking the troops of Khan, Volga used a hidden strategy to defeat them.

He shape-shifted himself into a sheep and ran through the forest. Then, he turned himself into a bird who tried to fly into the Khan’s bedroom. Khan’s wife dreamt of the bird the night before, and hence quickly recognized the bird. She, then, tried to stop Khan from waging the war as her dream was a sign of warning. Khan laughed at his wife’s notion.

The bird then turned into a ferret and went into the armory room. He chewed the bowstrings and arrows and destroyed every other weapon so to make them unusable. This way, Khan’s army was defeated.

How to Connect with Spirit of Puma

If you are trying to connect with your ferret spirit animal, the first step is to be still and mindful. Try to develop the habit to live in the present moment. The best way to relax your mind from the regular turbulence of life is to practice deep meditation to calm yourself. When the mind is free from agitation, that’s when you can hear the inner voice. That’s when you can truly communicate with your spirit animal.

Ask for signs and symbols to communicate with you. If you dream of the animal quite often, try to decipher the meaning of the dreams. Above all, meditation is the best way to seek guidance from your spirit animal. So, don’t forget to keep some time aside to reflect on yourself.

Call on your ferret spirit animal to bless you with ingenuity and boldness to be active, confident, and passionate in your quest. And to spread love, joy, and happiness wherever you go.