Ever since the very beginning of time mankind has displayed a profound fascination for angels as well as countless other spiritual guides, seeking to decipher the messages they confer to us.

Number 120 is only one of many such numbers sent to us by our guiding angels, behind whose numerical sequence lays a hidden message waiting to be decoded.

From the moment we are born onto this plane of existence, angels begin watching over us, sending us sublime messages and guiding us through numbers, symbols as well as synchronicities towards fulfilling our soul’s true purpose.

If you have noticed such as presence in your life, this is an excellent moment to take a step back and let yourself be guided by the vibrational essences of this divine number, representing creative self-expression, determination and communication.

Without further ado, let us proceed onto this intrinsic journey and give our 120% into learning the sacred angelic messages behind number 120.

The General Significance of Angel Number 120

In mathematics, number 120 constitutes the fifteenth triangular number and the sum of the first eight triangular numbers, as well as a tetrahedral number.

It appears six times throughout Pascal’s triangle and in chemistry it represents the denominator for Unbinilium, a hypothetical chemical element with the atomic number 120.

From modern-day culture, we can learn that 120 also stands for the film format used in still photography and from electrical engineering we can observe that each line of the three-phase system is located 120 degrees apart from one another.

Another instance where we can find number 120 is in II Chronicles 3:4, where the height of the Temple building is exactly 120 cubits and in Deut. 34:7 teaching us about Moses’s passing at age 120.

In the Jewish tradition, to wish someone to “Live until 120” is considered a friendly manner of wishing them a long life and in the Books of Tanakh it also represents the number of Men of the Great Assembly, who formulated the Jewish prayers.

Angel number 120 is also the number of gold coins that Queen of Sheva gave to Solomon, as well as the number of princes King Darius set over his kingdom.

Num. 4:86 teaches us that gold spoons offered by each tribal prince to Israel weighted a total of 120 shekels.

From astrology we learn that when two planets in one’s natal chart are set 120 degrees apart, it is also known as a trine, which is supposed to represent good fortune throughout the native’s life.

In the year 120 BC, the Teutons and the Cimbri migrate south-west of the Danube, coming face to face with the expansive Roman Republic and in China, the Xiongnu invades the province of Youbeiping and Dingxiang, as a retaliation act against the Han’s conquest of the Hexi Corridor, resulting in the death of over 1,000 locals.

The same year marks the beginning of the Osroene kingdom, whose end would come about later in history, in the year 244 AD.

120 AD brings emperor Hadrian to Britain where he completes the construction of Foss Dyke while in Eastern Chinese Han dynasty, the era’s name changes from Yuanchu, meaning the 7th year into Yongning.

The same year the Scythians expand their rule over western India, conquering the northern part of Gujarat as well as a portion of Central India.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 120

The deeper biblical meaning of Angel Number 120 signifies the number of children of Israel leaving Egyptian bondage while being chased by 600 chariots.

In this instance 600,000 men is 120 times 5,000 and 600 is 120 times 5 (Exodus 12:37 – 14:7).

We can also find number 120 present throughout the Book of Revelation, symbolizing the salvation of 12,000 people from each tribe of Israel by God in Revelation 7.

Angel number 120 is also symbolic of the number of Jewish elders led by Ezra that formed the Great Synagogue in an effort to officially gather and edit the writings that would later become what we now know as the Old Testament.

Moreover, through the grace of God, your guardian angels are whispering encouragement and empowerment messages to you through the use of number 120, as a sign that troublesome times will soon pass and that as long as you keep your faith constant, all your prayers are bound to be answered in due time.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of 120

The spiritual energy of angel number 120 is rooted in the blend of numbers 1, 2 and 0. This combination represents vibrations of optimism, new beginnings and leadership skills.

Whenever this divine number makes an entrance into your everyday life, know that brand new opportunities are right around the corner and that this is an ideal moment for you to step into the spotlight and showcase your talents and skills.

The presence of number 2 in its composition adds influences of partnership and collaboration, providing you with the much-needed adaptability to come up with creative resolutions to any possible conflicts by making use of your innate diplomacy and tact.

Moreover, the vibrational energy of number 0, resonating with concepts of Divine Source and infinite potential, amplifies the overall power of number 102, that can also be associated with the energy of number 3 (1+2+0).

In numerology, 3 stands for spiritual expansion, creativity and inner growth.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 120?

Being in the presence of such a powerful angelic message may seem rather confusing at times, making you question why it comes up so frequently along you path.

The answer here is fairly simple. Number 120 serves as a message from your guardian angels to shed all habits that no longer serve you and to openly embrace the blessings in disguise of tomorrow, often revealed to us through challenges.

Difficult times should always be met with optimism, as something good is bound to come out of it – this is precisely the message that your angels are trying to relay to you by showing you number 120

As part of their divine message comes the kind advice to rid yourself of all that is “old’ and dated, in favor of all that is new. This change, although radical at first, will prove to be essential along your life path, as it will bring about long-lasting favorable effects.

Another reason why you’ve been graced with angel number 120 in your everyday life, is as a form of recognition from the spiritual realm for all your hard work and efforts to create a better future. You are soon going to reap all the rewards waiting for you.

Similarly, angel number 120 can be taken as a sign to keep on moving, without ever giving up on your dreams and goals. Make sure to plan ahead carefully and all of your worries will very quickly be put to rest.

What to Do if You Keep Seeing Number 120?

Now that you’ve gained a deeper understanding as to why this number keeps popping up throughout your day, you can start applying its healing energies into your life.

To do so, your angels are urging you to make the best use of your innate skills and abilities and to openly communicate with those around you. This is a perfect moment to reflect on all that’s been happening so far and to develop a positive outlook on life as a whole.

It is also important to help others on the way, as energy that you give to others will ultimately return to you. As a result of your generosity and tact, others will notice your positive behavior towards them and will reward you with friendship and recognizance.

The guardian angels are advising you to become more creative about your choices in life, making sure to visualize all of your wishes and desires clearly, so that you can effectively manifest them into the real world.

You are being reminded now that thoughts can be used as powerful tools to project your initiative onto the world and create something bigger than yourself – your angels are sure to appreciate this giving attitude to a larger good.

Number 120 and Love

For couples, angel number 120 stands as an affirmation of your genuine and heartwarming love for one another. It is also a symbol of courage, helping you reignite the flame between the two of you by trying out new experiences that you’ve never tried before.

For single people this can be taken as a sign to leave all of your insecurities behind as this moment will prove to be incredibly beneficial to you. Maybe someone close to you already has developed feelings of admiration and affection towards you, but may be shy to share them.

You are being asked to pay close attention to how others behave around you and to all the little things they do for you – it’s all in the littlest details anyways.

Regardless of your current emotional involvement, you should always radiate love onto others and soon you will notice that others will reciprocate it back to you, creating a pleasant atmosphere based on affection and acceptance of who we truly are.

Number 120 and Career

In business terms, angel 120 is a powerful asset that will help you grab a hold of your job like never before. If you’ve recently gone through stressful challenges, it is now time to take a step back and relax, as the guardian angels have been watching you and will now lend you a helping hand.

This means that the end of a chapter is near and that you can now begin planning ahead for the future, keeping in mind all the ideas and projects that you haven’t explored before.

Sometimes testing out new things may just be the best choice possible and number 120 is all about creatively coming up with new tactics for any situation.

Number 120 helps you always be one step ahead of competition, emphasizing your natural team-player abilities while simultaneously stabilizing your compulsive tendency of rushing to conclusions.

Lastly, on a professional level, number 120 foretells success, significant winnings and consistent material gains.

Number 120 and Life Path

When it comes to your life path, angel number 120 wants you to perform a complete decluttering of your inner and outer space.

This can come as a form of reshaping your surroundings, redecorating your house or even rediscovering your love for spiritual hobbies, such as Yoga or Feng Shui.

Anything that brings you true joy and peace should now be actively pursued like never before. You are being encouraged to start a new chapter of your life with positivity and optimism in mind and to surround yourself with beauty, love and simplicity.

Number 120 is related to your life path in a multitude of ways that wait for you to explore them, discovering new facets of your personality that you may have not been aware of.

This can also be a fruitful moment for taking on new hobbies and working on new skills, taking on a musical instrument, group courses or any other creative activity that will help improve the quality of your life and lead you to the realization of your full potential.

Angel Number 120 in Numerology

The people under the influence of angel number 120 are often described as natural-born leaders, skilled with communication and professionalism in all that they do.

These individuals can be found in numerous social circles, being actively involved in creating new ways to inspire others.

This side of their personality that seeks the freedom of self-expression, may also contain some odd quirks, as they will also take significant amounts of time to work on their inner creativeness by themselves.

That is not a necessarily bad trait, as once they re-emerge from these introvert hiatuses, they are keen on uplifting the energy of all those around them, by appreciating their art or even engaging into artistic activities.

Essentially, they are free spirits, blessed with exceptional creative sparks that tend to cherish their independence just as much as they are comfortable spending time with their community.


To sum up all of these facts and secrets about angel number 120, we can say that it is a divine message, based on creativity, communication and freedom of self-expression.

Angel number 120 is all about chasing your goals and dreams by making use of your innate skills and developing a positive mindset even in the most unfavorable of circumstances.

When this number starts showing up in your everyday life, it often carries vibrational energies of confidence, joy and optimism, providing you with the empowering boost to push through any challenges you might be facing.

It is also an advice from your guardian angels to remove all toxicity from your life, renewing your plans and consistently moving forward, manifesting your full potential.

Angel number 120 urges you to embrace change with an open mind, while keeping your faith in God as well as your spiritual guides close to your heart. You are also being asked to genuinely believe in yourself and to pursue careers and activities that will invite beauty and positivity into your life.

Ultimately, by sending you number 120, your guardian angels are telling you that they want you to succeed in life, to focus on the full side of the glass and to try your best to always share your successes and happiness with those around you.

By accepting the powerful of angel number 120 into your life, you can now begin a new journey that will prove to be the best adventure for you so far.