There is 100% chance that you will happen to see the number 100 on a multitude of elements around you, be it inanimate objects, a perfect score on a test sheet or even the number of an anonymous caller reaching out to you in the middle of night.

These series of events are generated from within your inner space, whether in full focus or not, causing a chain reaction to happen in the split-second lapsing between the moment it comes to your awareness to the point where your mind starts wandering about possible connections between numbers revealing themselves to you and repeating patterns in your life that require your full focus.

In some Hermetic belief systems, 100 is generally regarded as the number of boundlessness, being free from all constraints and worries and soaring above all else.

The determination with which you seek to know the greater significance of this number will lead you on a path of endless motion through the uncharted space of self.

The manifestation of 100 in your life is directly linked with a sense of peace and confidence that you are being watched after, protected and loved by your guarding angels.

You may associate this number with a sign of encouragement towards fulfilling a dream that you might have kept on hold for far too long – or even better, beginning new journeys that you have been reluctant of taking until now.

The General Significance of Number 100

Frequently showing up in many cultures, 100 is the natural number in between number 99 and number 101, stemming out of its historical pre-Greek denomination of “10 times 10” (Roman numeral: C – Centum; Centenarium).

We are now able to discover and understand that hundred does not necessarily mean “100”, but derives from “Hund” (in Old English meaning 100) and “Red” which correlated to its Germanic root means reckoning, hinting that it is a number aspiring towards perfection. As it is commonly known, it is the atomic number of Fermium, the boiling point for water happens once temperature has reached 100C (Celsius), 100 years (a century) often marks the timeframe between historical events of great significance, 100 days mark the beginning of any successful project and “keeping it 100” is all it takes to light up anyone’s day and assure them that they are at the top of their game.

The two main conflicting energies to 100, being composed of 0 – representing openness, wholeness, comprehensiveness, and infinity and 1 – accounting for loneliness, isolation, retreat bring light to the actual deeper, more auspicious side of this number. The duality of 100 stands out as its best characteristic, being able to sway the events and happenings in your life to whichever flow that you offer it access to.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of 100

If you are wondering what the Bible and 100 have in common, there are a variety of links, based on the context in which it is found. Ranging from the 100th Psalm to the age of Abraham (100 years old) when his son Isaac was born.

The number 100 makes another appearance in the story of Ezra once “some of the elders came into the city, they saw the temple lying in ruins. The sight motivates them to contribute gold, silver and 100 priestly garments toward the restoration of the temple and its services (Ezra 2)” and takes a darker turn in the saga of King Saul who, despising David and wanting him dead, orders him to murder 100 Philistines, hoping that they would kill him in the process – David, however returns with 200 dead men’s foreskins as proof of his victory.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of Number 100

Another less comforting aspect of 100 is portrayed in Chinese culture, paired with an undersea iron tree (the Mandarin “Bai” cypress) believed to only bloom once every 100 years. This tree was highly regarded as the symbol for “everything” as well as for “emptiness”, depending on the scent of its flowers.

The ancient Chinese people believed that the number 100 signifies that which is full and will overflow unless to run its course, indicating that the number itself holds virtually unlimited power, both destructive and nourishing.

Much like Thor’s hammer – Mjolnir 100 can become a tool with which one can build or demolish its target, reminding you of your inner strength and ambition.

When appearing in an angel message, this number is associated with focusing on your success and furthering your development by making use of your persistence and power.

This number reminds you that you are self-sufficient and able to overcome any hardships that may come your way, while balancing out the input with which you approach a situation without turning it into a negative aspect on your path. 100 infinities are possible through one single, sharp, calculated decision that needs to be made and is gently tapping onto the verge of your soul.

It is important to note that the number 0 appears twice in this number, announcing the imminent presence of obstacles that will collide with your present.

If you happen to see this number repeatedly, over a short period of time, it is advised to pause and anticipate as best as you can the incoming flux of energies.

On a more positive side note, the double zeros are directly linked to infinity, the continuous motion of everything while also indicating the starting point of something good that has been waiting to manifest.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 100?

Once you become aware of its presence, this number is likely to intrigue and initiate you on a quest for answers. Mainly because of its increased frequency in modern-day culture, it is advised to always take a step back and have a fully conscious look at the ongoing patterns in your life before making the hectic decision that this number has been sent solely to you.

However, there are many cases in which 100 invites itself into your life with such a force that you cannot exclude it. What could it mean? Why am I the one to catch a fickle glimpse of it again and again in the most unlikely of places? These questions may present themselves to you when 100 does in fact require your undivided attention.

Such scenarios could be the start of something productive in your life, a moment when you are finally ready to create change and make success happen. It is often regarded as the turning point between being a creation and becoming a creator yourself. You may encounter 100 while angels are trying to sway your focus from negativity and shift your way of thinking.

What To Do If You Keep Seeing Number 100?

Your guardian angels will help guide you if you have faith in them, become aware of their presence, trust your inner instinct and listen to the silent tunes of the universe without any fears or worries.

Essentially your main focus should be on change, transformation, converting something that has been stagnant or unbeneficial into fruitful new beginnings, sprouting from your intuition and your innate ability to thrive despite facing obstacles. This is a moment dedicated to self-adjusting, self-tuning and improving one’s self to one’s peak potential.

In the end, you are the holder of the master key to fulfilling your own destiny, according to your chosen design. Embrace the creator within and become fearless.

Number 100 and Love

Once you’ve become attuned to the general significance of 100, it is time to find practical uses for it and incorporate it in your daily life. For instance, in relationships, this number can help you in your search for wholeness, mutual support and a vibration similar to yours. Due to its infamous duality, it also comes to you as an eye-sore reminder of your aloneness and isolation.

100 reveals to you the need of self-expression; wanting to be seen and acknowledged for your accomplishments. In numerology 100 is a composite formed of 1 + 0 + 0 and is the foundation of energy that allows for self-reliance, inclusiveness and exploration. This could be your hint to seek new experiences and like-minded individuals on your journey to becoming whole.

Number 100 and Career

The unique blend of contrasting energies pertaining to 100 reflects in your work environment as well. When it comes to your career, this number is here to determine you to change your patterns, accept new opportunities that may arise and include others in your projects.

Paying attention to this number will become particularly useful to you and an indispensable tool with which you are able to create new jobs both for you as well as for others. Angels are reminding you here that exploration brings forth absolute independence that is much needed in the cyclic continuation of life.

Number 100 and Life Path

If your life path has been blessed by loving presence of your angels, they will keep manifesting this number to you, as a reassuring sign that you are being watched over as well as a reminder of giving yourself permission of flowing through with your changes and listening to your inner tune.

This is to be regarded as a message of support and motivation, a possible kick starter for your endeavors and dreams and a firm expression of independence. It is essentially an optimistic overview of new horizons laid out before you.

The Personality of Number 100 in Numerology

In Numerology, 100 stands for completing life’s most challenging tasks.

The name associated with this number will often hold a demeaning mixture of knowledge of one’s chances, as well as a combination of bad luck or good fortune. It can be considered a truly ambivalent number and an indicative of one who perpetually seeks out the divine. Regardless of how ominous or beneficial your name might feel like to you, be always aware that you are at all times in charge of your own faith and circumstances.


Now that we’ve got a much more comprehensive insight into the meaning of number 100, you can be more aware of various factors that will lead you consistently stumbling over this number, how and why it reveals itself to you and most importantly what angelic message it conveys.

Note that the recurrence of this number will slowly fade and cease once the message has been received and applies in the areas of your life that required change. Although it is not easy to shed our comfortable protecting shells, change is more often than not benefic to us in ways we may not have anticipated before.

However, if we pay close attention to the synchronicities around us, to our intuition and to the messages our angels send us, we can easily overcome and difficulties and transform them into positive outcomes that will impact our lives, as well as others, in all sorts of beautiful ways.

Number 100 consists of two angel numbers, 1 and 0, contributing to its duality in energy and vibrations and signifies that you have reached a milestone in your existence where you exude with confidence and courage to overcome all hurdles coming your way with optimism and faith, without overindulging in your success and loosing track of your initial pathway. Be practical and try not to overwork yourself.

You may feel naturally drawn to this number, or maybe your name is directly linked to it, but keep in mind that either way, this is a clear divine message that the odds are stacked in your favor and that all it takes to spot them right is a brief but comprehensive moment of introspection, while using your best judgment and intuition to pave a new path or improve the one you have already started.

In most cases 100 represents a clear sign of upcoming success and accomplishments, however, having faith in your angels will help guide you even through more difficult challenges. The only true limitations are those that you alone impose upon yourself. Number 100 urges you to share these gifts and abilities that you have with others, as it will only help you further enhance your life and relationships.

All-in-all, this number emphasizes potential shortcomings whilst bringing plenty of good news and encouraging you to follow through with your goals – it is only a matter of time before you are rewarded for your dedication.