Do you feel like number 11 is everywhere you go? Mybe the time on your wrist watch points out the notorious 11:11. These signs are not accidental – they are spiritually encoded messages from your guardian angels about your life, relationship and more.

As many of us are inclined to believe, the Universe itself often communicates with us through the use of repetitive sequences and numbers. These messages that we receive, although they require our full attention, they will contain wisdom that will prove helpful in many instances.

If you’ve been blessed with the presence of angel number 11 in your life, this is one such case. This is an ideal time to set time aside dedicated to self-discovery. You may just be going through a phase in your journey where you’ll meet your higher self and pursue your ambitions like never before.

All it takes is a small first step into this journey and a spark of curiosity about what hidden meanings it entails.

The General Significance of Number 11

 Angel number 11 primarily encourages you to adapt to new beginnings. It is a Master Number formed by number 1, repeated twice. This generally stands for new opportunities for you to begin anew.

Number 11 also carries a vibrational essence based on balance and harmony and will provide you with a pallet of choices suitable for you, whether it will be in the form of a new job, a promotion or a new business venture entirely.

Having a balanced resonance, number 11 is considered both a masculine and feminine number, embodying key characteristics of both sides. In some belief systems it is considered to contain the energy of both the moon and sun while also keeping them equally separate. This idea gives number 11 its unique flavor.

Another important fact about number is that it marked the very first manned aircraft to land on the moon on the 16th of July 1969, Apollo 11.

In sports it represents the number of players in each football team and applies for soccer, cricket and field hockey as well. In astrology number 11 defines the 1th zodiac sign, Aquarius and in Northern Ireland, 11 is important through the celebration of The Eleventh Night, which is a popular festivity among the community of protestants.

There are 11 official languages in South Africa and in the United States, November 11th is celebrated in the honor of fallen military veterans and is known as Remembrance Day, Poppy Day or Veteran’s Day.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of 11

From a Biblical perspective, seeing number 11 is a sign that you will begin thriving, surrounded by the presence of your guardian angels. It is a number that denotes one’s true faith in God and the perpetual work toward fulfilling one’s life mission.

Number 11 urges us to make good use of our intuition and to connect with others as well as with the spiritual realm and be of service to mankind.

On the other hand, number 11 is also associated with Judgement Day, chaos and a general lack of order, on which God frowns upon. Number 11 appears in a total of 24 instances through the Bible.

In the book of Genesis, chapter 11 the people denying God began building the Babel Tower, which angered God and made him bring judgment onto them by creating the many languages we know today. Lost and confused and unable to still understand one another, they began scattering across the world.

The rule of Jehoiakim, the last king of Judah lasted for 11 years and in the book of Revelation, Apostle John comes across 11 signs of the final judgement.

In the New Testament, there are precisely 11 books that do not contain any direct quotes from the Old Testament. These books are: Jude, Revelation, 1st, 2nd and 3rd John, Titus, Philemon, 1st and 2nd Thessalonians, Philippians, and Colossians.

In the book of Exodus (26:7-8) God commands Moses to create 11 curtains for the tabernacle and foretold that all the people’s suffering and hardships will pass as long as they have faith in Him.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of 11

In numerology, angel number 11 symbolizes the spiritual messages we receive from the divine realm and is thought to represent people of higher psychic abilities and intuition.

Number 11 also stands for one’s potential to reach a higher level of consciousness and is meant to shift the receiver’s attention to the aspects of their lives preventing them from attaining this great realization.

In Tarot readings, 11 is the representative number of the Justice card, that means wisdom, duality and ponderance. In many other belief system, it is regarded as a lucky number that will help us achieve the life path we have always envisioned.

Number 11 can be considered a spiritual doorway, opened to us by our guides, behind which we can find a higher level of awareness. Number 11 is all about perceiving the world around us with emotional intelligence and sensitivity, awakening our true mental capacity.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 11?

Once you being seeing number 11 all around you, know that your guardian angels are telling you this is the beginning of a new stage in your existence that you should embrace without any fears or worries.

Numbers like 11, 111 and 1111 all stand for enlightenment and inspiration, meant to help you succeed on your journey. The presence of this number in your life is meant to help you overcome the sorrows and sufferings that may have been holding you back.

Angel number 11 represents letting go of all negativity that surrounds you and beginning anew, no matter how hard the path may seem. The angels are sending their reassurance through the use of this number, letting you know that you will achieve great success.

Number 11 is also connected to your own inner balance and peace and reminds you that you deserve to dedicate this moment to yourself and your own personal growth, whichever path you may designate for yourself.

What To Do If You Keep Seeing Number 11?

The very first action to take is to maintain positivity in all aspects of your life, knowing and trusting that the angel are by your side and will not allow anything to knock you down.

Angel number 11 empowers you to make the conscious effort of finding out where you truly fit in this world. Are you truly happy with where you are in life at this moment? Can you do better than that?

The answers all lie within yourself and this is why you must make the best use of your intuition and skillset and pursue your dreams like never before.

This transition in your life is meant to work out in your favor, number 11 indicating that as long as you trust in yourself and remain open to opportunities, they are bound to enter your life soon.

Number 11 reminds you to be mindful of the energy and thoughts that you share with others, as this will ultimately return to you in the same form. Take advantage of the innovation and creativity angel number 11 confers you and take up a new hoppy that you may not have explored before.

Creating new paths for you can become an easy way to connect with like-minded individuals and grow together toward success.

Take action and maintain positivity in all you do since nothing can bring you down as long as there’s an angel by your side. Be courageous and showcase your ideas and talents to the world.

Number 11 and Love

In relationships, angel number 11 deeply influences the more sensitive people, making emotions fluctuate in all directions. Although it is easy to fall into the trap of jealousy, number 11 reminds you to keep your feelings in check.

If you or your partner have passionate and sensitive personalities, now is a good time to review all changes that happened in the relationship and how these changes affect each of you.

This number also brings love messages for single people, who are encouraged to remember where to draw the line between possessiveness and romance and gently chase the ones they are truly interested in, without becoming overly possessive of their free time.

The core message of angel number 11 in this case is to remain open to love, but to keep our emotions in check, even if it may prove difficult at times. Number 11 is also a good indicator that you will soon find balance and consistency in your life.

This is the perfect time to settle down, whether with your date or your partner and discuss the things that brought you together in the first place, creating a positive atmosphere all around you.

Alternatively, this is a perfect moment to go out and have an adventure that will allow you to meet others and explore minds and souls similar to yours.

Whichever path you may take, you are soon going to see your love life under a different light, focusing on your purpose and needs and being happier as a result.

Number 11 and Career

When it comes to your business and career, number 11 advises that it may be a good idea to keep an open mind to new possibilities and allow yourself to be more empathic with others.

The guardian angels want you to be confident in your abilities while also remaining sensitive to your colleague’s needs and trying your best to undertake projects that will benefit everyone equally, not just yourself.

Although it is easy to become greedy and overlook the people around us, number 11 advises ponderance in all things. It is a reminder that your destiny is what you make of it and that you should be trusting your “gut feeling” more often.

The angels will never lead you astray and by sending you number 11 they advise you to pursue a career that serves and benefits mankind as a whole, by combining hard work and creativity.

If you follow their advice, you will soon find yourself surrounded by like-minded individuals who will help you succeed in the bigger upcoming projects you may have in mind. You are bound to face challenges along the way, however working as a team will help you thrive.

Number 11 and Life Path

The meaning of angel number 11 in connection with one’s life path is the completion of our true soul purpose. Listen to your intuition and find out what it seeks.

If you feel like there is no purpose for you or if you find all things boring and unappealing at this moment in life, angel number 11 shows us and urges you to realize that your thoughts are powerful and can transform your life for the better.

This means that you have not yet found your place in the world, but that this transformation process will prove fruitful if you remain true to yourself and maintain a positive mindset.

You can engage in group activities more than before, even if you are an introvert, as this is an ideal time for teamwork and discovery. You can also try working with a charitable organization or join a cause-oriented group.

Surrounding yourself with other positive people will provide you with new opportunities you haven’t envisioned before and give you the chance to learn from them and grow as a group.

As number 11 is a highly spiritual number, it calls for your attention to your own personal spiritual awakening and encourages you to allow yourself to be guided onto this path of high energy and creativity, expressing yourself with absolute freedom.

The Personality of Number 11 in Numerology

The people under the influence of angel number 11 are notorious for their hard-working, inspiring personalities, continuously seeking to improve their lives and uplift others.

They can become distinctively goal-focused once they have a clear objective in mind and this may allow their shy, sensitive side to emerge from time to time.

Despite their duality, these natives make excellent leaders and co-workers, often considered wise old souls that naturally empathize with those around them in all situations and circumstances in life.

These individuals are reflective, thoughtful and intuitive and can also be vivid daydreamers at times. The have unique and creative spirits and love to be part of a group.

Number 11 refers to passionate people that wish to share every experience in life with like-minded people and strive to balance out work and adventure in their lives.


All in all, we can agree that number 11 is a positive omen and a lucky spiritual number for all of us, like so many similar angel numbers such as 111 and 1111.

Once you begin seeing number 11 all around you, know that it contains powerful messages about the shifts and changes taking place in your life. Your guardian angels have acknowledged your progress so far and have sent you this message to help you push even further.

Number 11 encourages to pursue your ambitions fearlessly while remaining grounded in reality. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming, as long as we maintain a solid foot in reality.

Number 11 represents a Master number responsible for guiding us toward new beginnings and breakthroughs and allowing us to fulfill our true potential in life, reminding us to help others along the way.

Angel number 11 is a call for action and a radical change in life, shedding all the negative layers and toxicity holding us down. It is a number that we can embrace and use on our spiritual journey, remind us that our guardian angels are always on our side.

This is a perfect time to realize your goals and dreams, despite the ups and downs you’ve been through, entering a new stage of your life waiting to be explored.