Many of us can say that the path of their lives until the present moment hasn’t always been an easy one to walk. Certainly, there have been many moments spent with friends and family, having fun, but there have also been challenges along the way.

And this is exactly what number 117 is about – transformation and keeping a straight life path for yourself and those around you. Feeling rather chased around by this number seemingly showing up all over the place?

Fret not – this is a divine message from the angels that you are on the right way to bettering your life. The strength and positive attitude you’ve had so far has helped you get to where you are now and your guardian angels recognize these efforts.

Essentially, the angel number 117 starts trailing your every move and appearing in the most unlikely of places as a reminder that you should not doubt yourself and your abilities.

Once you’ve been shown this divine number, take it as a sign your angels are applauding your efforts of filling up your life with positivity and they are here to navigate this lifepath with you further.

However, in order to apply their wisdom and advice to your everyday life, you must pay attention to the detailed significance of angel number 117 which we will be discovering right now. Upon this journey, it is essential to keep an optimistic mindset about all you learn and choose the direction of your actions according to your own subjective present.

The General Significance of Number 117

We can begin our journey by noting that angel number 117 is, without a doubt, a divine confirmation that this is an ideal moment, not to halt your efforts, but to keep marching on and be true to yourself when making life changes.

In many cases, number 117 shows up, not to change or alter your life path, but to offer guidance and confirmation that you are already heading in the right direction towards fulfilling your true soul mission.

A general aspect to be mentioned about number 117 is that it represents a Harshad Number along with its reversed form, number 711. This serves as a reflection of its meaning in numerology, where number 117 is amplified by the presence of Master Number 11 as well as the sum of its digits (1+1+7=9).

Number 9 contains vibrational essences of concepts such as completion, attainment and even some cases even spiritual enlightenment.

An important historical event takes place during the year 117 AD, when John I is assigned Bishop of Jerusalem, being the 7th one chosen in history until that point while not so far away, the Roman Empire reaches its greatest extent recorded in history.

In modern day science it is known that 117 constitutes the number of consecutive elements (or atoms) of which the Earth is made of, supported by several Solar studies of druidism. We can also learn of another appearance of number 117 in the form of numerical chemical element called Tennessine.

Other contemporary references in which number 117 is found are found across various countries, such as Switzerland, whose police emergency number is 117.

Another important aspect of number 117 is captured within the Doreen Virtue, where seeing combinations of 1’s and 7’s is generally considered praise received from the divine realm through the guardian angels of the receiver in connection to their life path.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of 117

The Holy Bible teaches us that from the moment number 117 shows up in our lives, we should become aware of God’s perpetual presence in our daily life, through signs presented to us in the form of numbers.

Numbers constitute powerful communication ways between us and our guardian angels, offering guidance into the path of righteousness through spiritual awakening. As such, God would like you to have no fears or worries and broaden your horizon in the face of adversity.

In a more biblical sense, number 117 urges you to be brave in your devotion to God as explained in the following extract: “Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you people. For great is his love towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever” (Psalm 117)

A.D. Grad points out that the biblical book called “The Song of Songs”, is composed of exactly 117 verses, each having 5148 characters and 1251 words, numbers which in turn are all multiples of 9.

This can be considered a demonstration of the Divine intervention over our lives and the valuable blessings we receive along the way.  As many Christians view this as a sign of God’s promise of guidance and protection to mankind, they firmly believe that these blessings are available to all people who believe in Christ, as also described in the Letter to the Galatians.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of 117

In a much more spiritual sense, angel number 117 is deeply connected with the bearer’s hobbies and social environment, providing the security and confidence needed for opening one’s soul to the world and embracing change as part of the process of transformation.

Number 117 is generally regarded as a lesson into giving and selflessness towards others. It simply encourages you to become your best version in everything that you do, remain true to yourself and help others along the way.

An interesting fact about number 117 found in the Chinese culture is represented by the number of scales a dragon is thought to have – which is usually exactly 117 scales. This makes number 117 a lucky token in most eastern environments.

When it comes to numerology, studies show that angel number 117 gains its vibrational essences out of the blend of the number 11 (Master number) and its composite number (1+1+7), each possessing different attributes that harmoniously come together to form a whole.

These individual influences are as follows: number 1, which appears twice in this case, is linked with attributes of leadership, determination to success in any endeavor as well as new beginnings. Number 7 acts as a reminder of one’s own strength and willpower, making number 117 a highly beneficial number to integrate into your life.

This message of embracing your true individuality is meant to help drive you forward and push you into accomplishing all of your goals and dreams. In order to do that, you will need the help of others in some form and angel number 117 is here to make you aware of that.

Spiritually, number 117 calls out to your intuition and inner wisdom and encourages you to pursue a life based on fun experiences, but also spirituality.

Master Number 117 is generally known as a catalyst, aiding the bearer into manifesting the best life they envision and teaching them about attaining enlightenment on the way.

This is felt through the resonance of angel number 117, that is filled of universal love, karmic luck and good fortune.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 117?

If you keep seeing angel number 117, know that new challenges will soon become a part of your daily life, not as an obstacle or to discourage you, but only to strengthen your faith in yourself and in your abilities.

The guardian angels watching over you will keep a close eye on your evolution and will observe how you will make the best use of your skillset to overcome them.

Angel number 117 can also show up in instances where you are starting to feel a little uncertain about continuing on the path you have chosen. Know that if you keep bumping into this number, it acts as a reassurance that you have nothing to doubt – you are making the most of your life as it is.

The powerful combination of 1’s and 7’s appears in our lives when we seem to have become a little lost or adrift without a central objective. However, it is ultimately up to us to make the best decisions that will help improve the quality of our life.

If you’ve had troubles in your family or love life and you suddenly being to see this number in repetitive patters, take it as a sign from your guardian angels that you need to remember to show love, affection and gratitude to those closest to you, for simply being in your life.

This mindset will help ease the tensions that may be present in your life at the moment number 117 shows up. Your guardian angels acknowledge that this can seem like a rather difficult task to tackle, but if you keep your faith in them and approach this with diplomacy and tact, all will turn out for the better.

Essentially, your angels would like you to know that your positive affirmations are what will being about your destiny and that showing excitement for life and actively engaging in it are key steps onto this path you’ve taken.

What To Do If You Keep Seeing Number 117?

Being in the presence of your angels through number 117 is an ideal moment to start harnessing the power of positive thinking and manifestation through positive affirmations. Take a few moments out of your day to simply clear your mind of any thoughts or meditate in silence and get in tune with your higher self.

Having this attitude with help you continue in on your path and amplify the good work you are already doing. This will also open more doors for you to continue expanding your skills and abilities. Although it might seem like a daunting task, as long as you maintain your composure, you can make everything you wish happen.

The guiding angels can offer you guidance, but the decision to take action is all yours for the taking. Number 117 is but a gentle push in the direction of achieving your higher purpose in life, but you have to be the orchestrator behind this play.

In order to succeed, the angels are reminding you now that you cannot do everything by yourself – you need to become an active team player and help others out as they in turn help you.

This is the moment you can start setting up higher expectations for yourself and taking your leadership role much more seriously. You can begin steering your life in a conscious way, rather than letting it flow on its own. This way you can amplify the rewards and personal success that you will receive.

When you work in sync with the universe and listen to your intuition you can begin taking the appropriate actions that fulfill your true soul purpose and help manifest your highest ideals and aspirations.

Number 117 and Love

In matters of the heart, number 117 is present as a reminder to love your partner unconditionally and accept them for who they are and for all the joy and happiness they bring into your life. Number 117 resonates with selflessness and inclusivity, allowing you to overcome any difficult situations you might be going through by working together as a team.

The key lesson to be learned here is that the more love you give, the more you will receive. As high rewards come to you as a result of sustained hard work, number 117 wants to bring to your awareness the importance of being committed and giving to others as much as you wish to receive in return.

By supporting each other’s dreams, you can learn from past mishaps and inspire one another to avoid them in the future.

This also applies for singles that have had turbulent relationships in the past. By taking a closer look and analyzing everything that went wrong, without blaming yourself for it, you can learn and maybe see things that you have missed in the first place.

Number 117 and Career

Your career is on the rise and this angel number comes to you as a sign of encouragement to enable you to work even harder and pursue your highest aspirations.

This number is often connected to leaders or people of higher influence in the office, that are in a position to help others and contribute to the team’s success.

The angel number 117 is also a message of encouragement from the divine realm to explore a career that is true to yourself and aligned with your morals, life expectations and spiritual purpose.

You can use your talents to help others grow with you and share your visions and insight to help them find their own true calling. The angels will be pleased and reward you for showing others their way to enlightenment. This will also serve to bring you closer to achieving your life’s ambitions.

Number 117 and Life Path

In regards to your life path, angel number 117 wants to encourage you to keep listening to your instincts as you have done so far and to have faith in your connection with the divine realm.

This is your cue that you already have the power within yourself to make things happen and this message from your guardian angels will guide you to do so. The presence of this number into your life wants you to become more positive as you explore and expand truth-seeking nature.

It also a reminder that any obstacles you come across are not meant to discourage you or deviate you from your path, but only to help you grow beyond your limitations.

The only thing you need to do in order to receive all these angelic blessings is to remain true to yourself and to have faith in your angels, which should come easy as number 117 helps you discard of all dishonesty from your life and become crystal clear in your intentions.

Angel Number 117 in Numerology

Individuals whose paths have merged with angel number 117 are commonly described as compassionate beings, highly tolerant, self-reliant and sometimes idealistic.

They are known to adopt a humanitarian approach when picking their goals, their initiatives always benefitting others.

They often have a high degree of empathy towards their community and are generally inclined to follow careers that will be of benefit to the entire humankind.

These people make great companions and friends, as they will always take other’s emotions, thoughts and feelings into consideration and balance their interests together.

Natural extroverts at heart, they genuinely enjoy the company of friends and family and when it comes to drafting out plans and decision making they always see both sides of the proverbial coin.


In short, angel number 117 carries a divine message embracing essences of individuality, leadership and co-operation, blending the vibrational frequencies of Master Number 11 and 9.

People with angelic number 117 take initiatives and leadership in their community and are able to balance out their thoughts, actions, and desired outcomes while remaining selfless.

Number 117 resonates with motivation, fulfillment, inspiration and success in life achieved through hard work and dedication.

The energy represented by the angel number 117 propels the receiver into exploring a spiritual life path while also having fun on the way with those around them.

By trusting in yourself and in your guardian angels, you can incorporate the messages carried out by number 117 into your life to help you achieve your highest potential.

Angel number 117 reminds you that to succeed in your lifepath, you will benefit greatly by giving back to the community and lending others your talents and skills.

Lastly, this number will keep showing up to you until you master your strengths and remain positive in your actions, emotions and thoughts and keep focusing on your goals without leaving room for any distractions from external sources.

You are encouraged by your angels to become a go-getter and allow nothing to deter you form the life you truly believe you can manifest.