Number 13 has gained over time the notorious title of unlucky omen. This phenomenon is so widespread nowadays that some people even came to develop an extreme fear of it – triskaidekaphobia.

In other words, for those superstitious of us, number 13 can feel like the harbinger of misfortune and bad luck. But is there more to this powerful number than what we can see at a first glance?

Angel number 13 is, in fact, not all doom and gloom, but a message from your divine guides in times of need. This means that, although tumultuous times are ahead, you are being watched over and protected in every way.

These types of events may happen in someone’s life as a means for growth, as a result of karmic debt or even as a pathway to new opportunities. Regardless of the real message underneath the frightening façade of number 13, it is worth discovering.

The General Significance of Number 13

Number 13 embodies core ideas such as growth, passion to overachieve and craftiness. In a year, there are a total of 13 moon cycles, leading it to number 13 being associated with femininity and motherhood.

In mathematics, 13 is the sixth prime number, a star number as well as a Fibonacci number. From science we can learn that Aluminum has the atomic number 13.

In all languages of Germanic origin, 13 constitutes the first compound number, unlike 11 and 12, that have their own names.

Though certain people regard 13 as a highly unlucky number, with eastern cultures even going one step further and removing it altogether from elevator panels, this phobia is not a newly formed one.

Ever since ancient times, the Mayan calendar displayed Baktun, a divinity who was feared for the ability to bring about the end of the world. Similarly, the Celts believed that number 13 was a crucial element in the balance and harmony of the lunar cycles.

The fear of number 13 has been officially recorded back in 1911, with companies and manufacturers beginning to find workarounds and labeling things differently so as not to include this number anywhere near their business.

Nowadays, in most western cultures, it is still considered bad luck to dine with 13 guests at the table, and most restaurants will bring out a 14th chair in an attempt to avoid misfortune from happening. This belief may also be reinforced by the scene of the Last Supper, where Judas, one of the 12 apostles betrays Jesus.

But number 13 does not stop its chain of sensational appearances here. Apollo 13 (launched on April 11th 1970 at 13:13 CST) is the third manned space expedition, originally intended to bring mankind to the moon, however failing to do so as a result of an oxygen tank in the service module failing.

There are 13 stripes on the American Flag as a symbol of the first 13 colonies to rebel against British rule. Neptune has 13 known moons. Friday 13th is a popular movie series based around the ominous influences thought to be brought about by number 13.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of 13

The most well-known reference of number 13 can be found in the scene of the last supper, where Jesus Christ along with his 12 disciples are about to have Jesus’s last meal. The meaning of number 13 is portrayed during this event as being symbolically ominous.

The meaning of angel number 13 throughout the bible is deeply connected with the suffering and trials of Jesus Christ. In the scriptures, number 13 also represents the year of rebellion: “Twelve years they had served Chedor-lao’mer, but in the thirteenth year they rebelled.” Genesis 14:4

King Solomon spent 13 years building his own house (palace) before it was finished. 1 King 7:1

In addition to these passages, another notable instance where number 13 appears is in the story of John, chapter 13. Several other events unfolding in the Bible go on to associate 13 with the number of the beast.

In spite of the many occurrences where number 13 is cloaked under this eerie significance, there are examples where it represents the opposite. For instance, there are 13 circles in Metatron’s cube, an angel found in medieval mystical texts used to ward off evil influences.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of 13

Spiritually, angel number 13 relates to optimism and enthusiasm for life in spite of all challenges. It stands for open communication and unfiltered self-expression.

Number 13 also relates to the Ascended masters, due to its composition (number 1 and number3) and signifies hard work, fair judgement and upkeeping of traditions.

This number can be used as an expansion of one’s consciousness and creativity, with its feminine side suggesting tapping into your intuition. The Aztecs considered 13 a highly spiritual number, representing the passing of time and achieving completion.

During the Aztec year (260 days total), there were 20 individual 13-days periods called Trecena. One Trecena equaled what we know now as a week, with the last week of their year being ruled by the Goddess Tlazolteotl.

In most Pagan beliefs, number 13 confers a very positive aura, especially if it coincides with a Friday. This day has also been celebrated by ancient Greeks as the day of Aphrodite and by Romans, as the day dedicated to Venus.

For some people today Friday is one of the happiest days of the week, associated to money gains and to the weekend. In Tarot readings, the 13th card is “Death”, symbolizing transformation or otherwise getting rid of the old and inviting in the new.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 13?

Angel number 13 is all about leaving behind the things that no longer serve you in life and moving forward with kindness and love, striving to make the best out of life.

Starting a new chapter in your life won’t be an easy task, but it shouldn’t be a negative one either. The angel number 13 urges you to look for the positive aspects of every situation, living compassionately and enjoying every experience you are given.

By showing you number 13, your angelic guides are trying to convey a message of love and dedication. Seeing this number in random moments through the day is directly linked to our need to be compassionate toward others and reach out for help when times are hard.

If you’ve been recently going through challenging times, coming face to face with this number may signal that soon enough the stressful situation will come to an end.

Number 13 pushes you into overcoming all of your daily endeavors and making the best out of your life, by aligning yourself with the divine realm and your highest, most pure vibrations.

This is precisely why, the core essence of number 13 is not one of misfortune and troubles, but one of ambition and courage. The angels want you to focus all your thoughts onto completing the task at hand and becoming more optimistic.

All bad things eventually come to an end and keeping your eyes on the full side of the glass will never fail you.

What To Do If You Keep Seeing Number 13?

Now that you have received this powerful “wake-up call” from your angelic guides, the next step on your journey should be focused on improving yourself and your relations with others around you.

You can incorporate daily meditation and prayer into your routine, as it will help clear your mind and process your emotions. It is highly important that during this time you avoid overworking, oversharing and overburdening yourself overall.

Your mindset should be shifting from negative to positive, especially if you’ve been struggling to meet up deadlines at work or remembering important family events.

The angels are reminding you now that, with focused intent, you have the ability to manifest all your desires. Surround yourself with activities and people that genuinely spark your creativity and sense of wonder.

You can begin with as little as 5 minutes of gratitude each day and it is sure to have a long-lasting effect. Open yourself up to all the positive things the Universe has in store for you and have faith that things will turn out for the better, even if at present it may seem otherwise.

Number 13 and Love

When it comes to romance and relationship, number 13 is reminding you of the importance of clear communication between you and your partner or your date.

If you kept eyeing number 13 when you are out with your significant other, or simply spending time together at home it is an indication that they may be hurting in a way that is not very visible.

Try to make use of your tactfulness and creativity and reach out to them in a warm, loving manner, inviting them to open up about their pressing issues. This is a sure way to create a much more relaxed environment between the two of you and reignite your feelings for one another.

Alternatively, if you’ve been seeing someone and have not quite made any progress yet, perhaps this is a good opportunity for your to express your feelings genuinely. They may or may not reciprocate them, but the important thing is that you can learn from either experience and apply it to your future path.

It is important that, whichever the case for you, you try maintaining a calm and positive demeanor, as the guardian angels are now taking care of the rest – and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

Number 13 and Career

When it comes to business and career, angel number 13 is the messenger of thought decisions ahead. Your skillset will be most likely challenged, but it is very important that you put your abilities to good use.

Your hard work and efforts have brought you this far and the guardian angels are helping you go through this one final step before reaching your ambitions. All you need to do is to remain faithful in their guidance and listen to your intuition.

Changes should be avoided during this time, the methods you know already work will serve you well and spare you the effort of having to come face to face with a new environment that can sometimes add more pressure onto you.

Angel number 13, in this case, protects you on your way to prosperity and abundance by giving you the motivation you needed and remind you not to derail from your path.

Number 13 and Life Path

Angel number 13 is a karmic number when applied to your life path. It is meant to inspire you into bettering yourself and harnessing the power to overcome any issues.

Although most people fear its appearance in their life paths, number 13 is not at all a bad omen. On the contrary, it is meant to make you stronger and more adaptable to situations in your life.

Once you being seeing thins number, it is important to know that your life is about to change and that you need to be spontaneous enough and spot the opportunities. Practice gratitude and selflessness and you are sure to prosper abundantly.

Number 13 is also a reminder that doing your best and not wishing anyone else harm goes a long way and will gain you the support of your angels. Essentially, number 13 helps you tap into your intuition and make progress onto the path that you are already walking.

The Personality of Number 13 in Numerology

The people under the influence of angel number 13 can be described as laid back, poise individuals, that are naturally keen of traditions and discovering new ways to improve themselves.

They are gravitating toward solitude at time, focusing all their hard work and judgement for the benefit of their career life. These people are well aware of the importance of hard work and enjoy working on their own.

People with the number 13 as their governing number are usually good organizers and pursue careers that can make use of these skills.

They are naturally engaged on a perpetual mission toward achieving their best selves and building whichever they find has meaning.


All in all, angel number 13 is not as unlucky as some might think. It is essentially a sign from the angels warning us that turbulent times lie ahead.

By receiving number 13, you are embarking on a journey of self-discovery and transformation, aiming to overcome and stress factors in your life. Once you begin seeing this number, you can rest assured those troublesome times will soon come to an end.

Number 13, although notoriously regarded as an unlucky token, has its own powerful properties. Many ancient cultures, such as the Mayans, the Romans or the Aztecs, associated 13 with divinities that were in charge of the passing of time.

The importance of number 13, however, does not stop there. Being a number form of 1 and 3, it is deeply connected with the Ascended Masters, helping you decode the positive messages in everything that comes your way. In this spiritual equation number 1 represents leadership as well as individuality and achievement and number 3 is the number of spirituality and creation.

For some people, the irrational fear of number 13 is, nonetheless, real and it is today known as triskaidekaphobia. This is the reason behind various businesses skipping number 13 altogether (such as hotel elevator floors).

In spite of this negative perception of number 13, it is important to use it for positive and optimistic pursuits. While some superstitions (such as the one of dining with 13 people at the table) are deeply rooted in our culture, they are not impossible to overcome.

Angel number 13 reveals to you that everything that you do wholeheartedly will be manifested into your life path by the divine realm. Be brave while going through tough times and you will be rewarded abundantly. Your angelic guides will guide and support you if you allow them to.

Number 13 is, therefore, a number of adaptability and ambition, helping you attain your dreams through the power of positive thinking.