Every single day we come across so many subtle yet highly influential ways in which the divine realm, angels and the universe is trying to reach out to us. Although not always clear, the messages delivered to us through the use of numbers may sometimes feel very intriguing as we strive to comprehend them.

Angel number 118 is no exception in this case. Considered a highly spiritual number by various cultures and spiritual practices around the world, it constitutes an important message that we receive from our guardian angels.

While for some of us it may be connected in certain ways to the ability of achieving our highest potential, to others it may indicate the ending of an important cycle of life.

Regardless of the variety of essences it may carry, the core significance is consistently the same: that upon receiving number 118, we are reminded that our guardian angels are always by our side, wanting us to thrive in as many ways as possible.

The ending of a cycle should never pose a scary threat to you, as you can always begin anew and embrace the opportunity laying ahead of you. But how can we apply the wisdom of this sacred angel number into our everyday lives?

The General Significance of Number 118

Angel number 118 is all about letting go of constraints and embracing our own personal truth. It often appears to us to teach us those hardships are only temporary challenges that we must overcome in order to move forward in life.

The core essence of this divine number is based on abundance, growth, as well as spirituality. In modern day science, however, it also stands for Oganesson, a synthetic chemical element with atomic number 118.

Aside from these important facts about angel number 118, we can also note that 118 is also a 2019 Indian Telugu action thriller film written and directed by K. V. Guhan as well as a popular Mandarin Socio-Drama released in 2014 in Singapore.

During the year 118 BC the Roman colony of Narbo (present day Martius) is founded in the region Gallia Transalpina and the Second Dalmatian War ends with victory for Rome.

118 AD is an important milestone in history as Rome exceeds 1 million, making it the largest city in the world at the time. In mathematics, 118 is the smallest number that can be expressed as four sums with the same product in this way.

We can observe all these facts about number 118 and learn that its core values are firmly based on growth, new beginnings and transformation, rewarding the receiver with prosperity and abundance.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of 118

Throughout the Holy Bible, angel number 118 consistently embodies a message of encouragement and support from God and from your guardian angels.

Essentially, the biblical meaning of number 118 indicates that we should always remain persistent in our quest to improving ourselves. This divine number encourages us to take life seriously, making calculated decisions along the way.

God’s messages will lead you onto an inspirational path to spirituality ad enlightenment, as we can also see in Psalm 118: “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.”

The angelic number 118 is also a gentle reminder that we should share our gifts and our abilities with those around us and help them out along the way. By raising others up, we will in turn raise our own energies.

It’s true that throughout your life, you will be inevitably faced with significantly challenging trials that are meant to push you past your limits and help you expand your skills and abilities further. You are thus only required to keep your faith in God and in your guiding angels close to your heart.

God also sends the essences of number 118 into your life to remind you that humility is a virtue and that no matter how much you thrive, you should always try to be humble enough to seek light and wisdom along the way.


The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of 118


The spiritual significance of angel number 118 is rooted in the energy of its composite digits (number 1, 1, and 8). In many interpretations, this number relates to concepts of individuality, self-reliance and doing things on your own.

This is in no way a bad thing, as time spend in introspection, meditating or working on your own self will benefit you on the long run and help you explore new ideas, concepts or just brand-new ways of doing things.

In other words, if you’ve received number 118 from your guardian angels, take it as a sign to work harder on being comfortable by yourself and making yourself pleasant company.  If you will successfully manage to enjoy time spent by yourself, time spent in the company of friends and family will be even more precious to you.

By taking a closer look at number 118, we can observe the presence of Master Number 11 in its composition. This is a powerful number resonating with the ability to lead a life concerned with spiritual awakening.

Number 1 by itself represents leadership, new beginnings as well as originality. The dual presence in this case amplifies its core message to the receiver. You can consider this number the hint to start creating something new, maybe even begin an artistic project.

In any case, the spiritual message that your angels are trying to convey here is based on opportunities for grows and development, either on a business side or as part of a personal endeavor.

Lastly, as far as the spiritual composition of number 118 goes, we have number 8, which is often also regarded as the number of Karma, inner wisdom and is thought to be intrinsically connected with the universal law of giving and receiving.

The universal law of giving and receiving is essentially the act of serving people in a selfless manner, which in turn will come back to you and offer you tenfold all that you’ve given.


Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 118?


Once you begin to acknowledge the presence of angel number 118 in your life, you can consider yourself lucky as this is a positive message of encouragement and bliss from your guiding angels.

Although for some receiver it may indeed also contain a mild warning in regards to spending money or distributing finances carefully overall, angel number 118 also announces the presence of new opportunities on the horizon.

The most important message of all, in what number 118 is concerned, is that you should always do your best to keep your friends and family close. Any instances in which difficult situation arise will be tackled with much more ease when you’re surrounded by those that love you unconditionally.

Angel number 118 is also a number with powerful vibrational energies surrounding hard work, business enterprise ideas and forming new projects, so it is extremely important to pay close attention to how exactly this number reveals itself to you as it may contain useful ideas that you can practically apply into your life.

As with all angel numbers, you are required to leave behind all negativity and past experiences that are weighting you down and begin anew with a fresh mindset. In almost all instances where this number shows up in your life, you will greatly benefit if you pay attention to your thoughts and emotions and steer them into an optimist direction.

If you happen to come across this number during a stressful moment in your life, do not worry too much over it, as this is an indication that your angels are aware of your situation and are here to help.

The key message here is essentially embracing happiness, even under the most unlikely of circumstances. You are therefore encouraged to start cultivating perseverance and patience, without allowing hardships to discourage you.


What To Do If You Keep Seeing Number 118?


The manifestation of your goals and dreams is always under your control, if only you begin working with your higher self and aligning your ambitions with your actions.

In order to effortlessly generate the wealth, you so greatly need, the angels are instilling in you the passion and determination you missed out on for so long by sending you number 118.

In order to receive all these blessings and more, you should find a few quiet moments during the day where you can sit back and practice gratitude for things you have already been granted, meditate or even sit in silence and admire all life around you in its simple yet complex beauty.

You goal should be making the most out of each day you are given, without taking tomorrow from granted and yet transforming each day into an upgraded version of yesterday.

Although this may sound like a daunting task, working conscientiously each day will lead you onto a progressive chain that will ultimately contribute to achieving your goals and drams – so try your best to make sure today is always better than yesterday.

In other words, once you’ve been blessed with the angelic number 118, you are being sent off onto a fresh new path towards success and happiness and all you need to do to claim it is exercise patience and consistency all the way through – your angels will certainly be very pleased with your efforts.


Number 118 and Love


When it comes to love, number 118 brings forth important lessons to be learned by both couples and single individuals, by encouraging all to pursue the path truest to themselves and being open to accepting others the way they are.

For singles, angel number 118 explains that there should be an intensive process of preparation going on in the present moment. The only way you can attract love into your life is by consistently improving yourself and putting your best self out there.

As long as you keep your mind and hear open and vibrant, others are bound to notice you and be attracted by you. For people who are in a committed relationship, number 118 helps by reminding you of renewing your love for one another.

Being always together isn’t quite enough – you’ve got to keep the flame alive, so trying out new experiences or going on adventurous trips is a huge plus in this case. This is also an ideal moment to have a so called “reality check” with your partner and see if you are both still on the same page.


Number 118 and Career


The angel number 118 proves to be a tremendous asset in terms of business decisions and your career as a whole. By sending you this number, your angels are encouraging you to balance your physical life path with your inner spiritual endeavors.

If you keep seeing this number while you’re at work, maybe it’s time you initiated something new that has never been tried before in your team – the outcome might just surprise you.

The connection between number 118 and leadership is fairly solid, urging you to embrace your natural position as the person others look up to for help or advice.

By embracing this role, yourself, you will begin improving the state of your finances and expand your capacity to complete all projects to perfection.

This is an excellent time for you to reach your goals and expand your knowledge while also having fun along the way.


Number 118 and Life Path


When it comes to your life path, with number 118 and your guardian angels by your side, you can consider yourself lucky and blessed. This time is deal for making changes in your life and decluttering your space.

Think of it as a form of spring cleaning, both inner and outer, where self-sufficiency, progress and optimism are highly encouraged.

This time you will dedicate to yourself and spend in your own company are meant to improve the quality of your life and help you actively engage in new opportunities.

This angelic message also contains advice that fears and losses should be brushed over and left in the past, making room for new opportunities that will present themselves to you in due time.

Keep your faith in your own intuition and in your guiding angels and you will notice that you can easily begin manifesting the accomplishments you wish to have.

The Personality of Number 118 in Numerology


The energy exuded by individuals that have been blessed with this divine number’s vibration can be described as focused and consistent. These people would rather work by themselves than be part of a large group.

If the need for them to participate in such tasks arises, they will easily take on the leadership role, not in an authoritarian way, but in a gentle manner that invites others into working with them.

Number 118 people know their goals and purposes and choose their life paths very clearly early on. They prefer to tackle this task on their own, without much external interference from others.

They are independent, efficient and self-reliant above all, making them exceptional hard-workers, doing what needs to be done with all the determination possible.




We can wrap things up by noting that angel number 118 signifies taking initiative, listening to one’s own intuition, spiritual laws, karma, and seeking enlightenment.

Number 118 is an encouraging message from your angels to begin working harder on yourself or starting a spiritually based profession. The key lesson to be learned from this number’s presence into your life is patience and self-reliance.

Once you’ve been granted the blessings of this angelic number you should start being genuinely aware of how lucky you’ve been so far, despite all of the troubles and to show some of that gratitude back to the universe.

By believing in yourself and in your guardian angels you are prone to manifesting new opportunities that will help you improve the quality of your life and attain your soul’s true purpose.

The number 1 + 1 + 8 form a powerful bond as their energies blend together and provide the receive with optimism, wisdom and a wish to thrive on your own, shaping your own reality and bringing forth the best version of yourself.

Number 118 is a powerful confidence boost offered by the divine realm to help assist you on your way to realizing the true calling of your soul and embracing the beauty of life as it is.