Have you recently returned from holidays with a question still vividly lingering in your mind? Why does room 104 seem to be stuck on replay in your memory bank over and over again? What about that plane ticket on the way home hosting the same familiar energy that you can’t quite place accordingly – infamously displaying a bolded 104 boarding pass number?

And out of all coincidences the Universe is capable of gracing us with, it had to be the bus to your apartment building registered on line 104, as you make your way into the door at 1:04 sharp. These events or any other similar experiences may leave you wondering what caused this angelic number to gravitate around you in such an endearing manner.

Angel number generally related to the field of money, investments and hobbies, it reveals itself to you to serve as a reminder to remain balanced and steady in your career as well as your personal connections with others. 104 is blessed with a tremendous flow of creation and ingenuity, allow for many accomplishments to take place under its graceful gaze.

Before indulging into the opportunities this message is about to bring into your life, a process of understanding and familiarizing yourself is needed to correctly apply its energies where needed. If this journey seems enticing to you, allow the inquisitiveness of your spirit to delve deeper into the hidden meaning of 104.

The General Significance of Number 104

It is commonly known that number 104 is the atomic number of Rutherfordium as well as the number of Fahrenheit degrees corresponding to 40 Celsius.

The number makes an unsurprising appearance in Ancient Greece, representing the number of Corinthian columns used for the construction of their largest temple known to date, the Temple of the Olympian Zeus.

From the year 104 BC we learn of the birth of Julia, mother of Mark Anthony and about the state of emergency declared by Rome, as the way to Italy lays open to the Germanic invaders.

In 104 AD in India figures of Buddha replace the abstract motifs commonly used for various decorative items. Trajan gives the order to have the Alcántara Bridge, constructed by architect Lacer, while Apollodorus of Damascus builds a stone bridge over the Danube more than 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) long across the territory of what was then known as Dacia.

In a more modern-day instance, 104 marks the number of keys in a standard Windows keyboard.

All these facts and more are here to highlight the nature of this angelic number, bearer of joyful and pragmatic energies, alluding its beholder to aspire for change, embrace it and rejoice in the opportunity for building something that transcends beyond the human condition. It is a number meant to encourage growth, pointing your eyes towards a brighter future while reminding you that, as a creator you have to remain balanced with every single brick within the wall of creation.

As a facilitator of new beginnings and positive transformation of things, angel number 104 can help strengthen your faith in your own creative powers and

Biblical Meaning of Angel Number 104

Discipline is one of the virtues that the scriptures are reminding us of here. The lesson to be learned is that nothing will please God more than our unwavering faith and devotion to Him.

Secondly, to a certain extent this number signifies humanitarianism. Angels are showing you that there are people out there who are in dire need of your help and intervention – the more you give, the more blessings will come your way.

By helping other actualize their dreams, you are sure to realize your own personal transformation. This entails that as long as you choose to act with honesty and honor and you will always remain in the good graces of God.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of 104

The sacred science behind everything this angel number stands for is certainly fascinating. 104 is a composite energetic blend, flavored with the essences of 1 – the governor of intelligence, strength and innovation, 0 – the touch of the divine and the direct link to the angel real and 4 – reminding us of our human condition, always seeking perfection, order and balance in the flow of life.

Spiritually, angel number 104 symbolizes concentration and dedication brewing inside of your being, birthing the creation of the divine work in everything that you accomplish, be it a new project, a previously unfinished one or just the efforts invested into bettering yourself – these are all seen by your guardian angels that are now supporting you to bring forward your best.

Another way we can look at angel number 104 is as a special expression of the number 5 (1+0+4=5). This vibrational frequency of the number 5 is associated with positive change, heightened spiritual abilities and personal freedom.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 104?

The time has arrived for you to take charge of your destiny and take your life to the next level. Your guiding angels have heard your prayers and are pleased with the strength of your faith in them and they are here to reward you for your devotion.

This message is being delivered to you as an affirmation to not accept “no” for an answer, to push forward without any fears, to stay true to your mission of attaining the greatness you were born for – it is rightfully yours, just reach out and seize it.

Your angels might also be sending this particular message your way in times where your life might seem to be a little off balance, when routine and regular patterns seem to have taken a different course than intended and when your thoughts appear to be quite scrambled and confused. But fear not – you are only one step away from regaining the equilibrium in your search for paradise.

Alternatively, if you’ve allowed yourself to be carried away, distracted by an unexpected raise or unforeseen winning, spending every single penny on unimportant things, you should be considering 104 to be a gentle warning that you should save up for bigger investments that will assure your prosperity in the long run.

What to Do If You Keep Seeing Number 104?

Once you become aware of this, it can be considered a good time to reflect back on your personal needs and aspirations. The guardian angel comes to you through this number to deliver the necessary push needed to accomplish your objectives.

Your angels are telling you to objectively analyze whether they are being met in full, what can be done to improve the current situation if it is not what you expected or you can even make good use of this angelic message to pass around more positivity as it will ultimately lead to you receiving back in full.

As karma shows us that what we grant other will eventually make its way back to us, you want to use the creative spark of ingenuity conferred by number 104 to help others complete tasks that they may not be able to finish on their own.

This will only help provide you with a sense of satisfaction and maybe even aid in expanding your own skills and abilities that you so wholeheartedly strive for.

Angel Number 104 and Love

When taking on the role of partner and lovers, we are often faced with a plethora of uncertainties and challenges that can sometimes leave us wondering what our beloved soulmate is feeling or, in the instance of going on a date, emotions with a lower vibration such as these can be the omen to inevitable disaster.

Angel number 104 also sets forth possible upcoming quarrels in matters of the heart – maybe you have rushed and purchased that engagement ring too soon or maybe the date you have cancelled on a whim could have meant the start of an epically long relationship, only your own wisdom and intuition can help determine that.

The message here is clear: try your very best to remain neutral for a little while, let them make the next step and avoid causing something unshakable and final. Intrinsic number 104 is hinting to us here that patience, tact and understanding are essential elements to ponder upon.

Number 104 and Career

If you have recently ventured into a new project outside of your normal field of work or if you’ve changed your job too suddenly, mindlessly chasing an increased income, this angelic number is here to serve as a backup resource for you.

You are being urged to recognize that self-leadership is the key element to attainment and progress. This does not necessarily mean to cancel plans you have already made or refuse that interview you have been eagerly looking for, but instead to be more careful in how you approach new opportunities laid out for your taking.

Mystical laws defy all explanations. Listen to your intuition and higher-self as this is the only tangible realm where you will find all of your answers

Number 104 and Life Path

Build new foundations based on integrity and honesty. Angel number 104 is a message from your angels to be more mindful in what you wish for, placing all your drive and passion into manifesting the true purpose of your life, pointing out that well-laid plans ensure the stability and progress of your outlook on life.

Number 104 tells you that your emotions, feelings, thoughts and action must first coincide and be in perfect sync in order to positively alter your destiny.

Instead of negating or even omitting the obvious truths and changes that need to take place, deliberately telling yourself what is right and what is wrong, you can try simply allowing the universal energy to flow unrestricted through your soul and listening to it without any judgment.

Your task here is to actively look for ways that you can use to put this advice into action and you are sure to meet with great success

Number 104 in Numerology

Numerology teaches us that individuals blessed by the influence of this sacred number are naturally inclined to help others, to share their gifts with the world, bent on consistently improving their knowledge and abilities, often regarded as tenacious workers with a hunger for success and an astonishing drive to explore beyond their reach.

Because of their insatiable appetite for collecting information, they can often be found locked up in their own headspace, involuntarily isolating themselves from the rest, which in turn can cause them to feel a bit aloof.

However, due to the positive energy that they bring to every team or group they are a part of, being the perpetual center of attention, their presence is sure to be quickly noticed and good friends are sure to gravitate soon back around them to cheer them up.


Our conclusion here is that ultimately, mindset is everything. Every single successful plan starts out as an idea mustering inside an open mind, with a great capability for understanding and faith in forces unseen that indubitably help shape our existence.

As an overview, we can note that the core meaning of the number 104 is a composite containing the ideas of curiosity, independence and self-determination. It is linked with people driven by adventure, expression of personal freedom and expanding their knowledge in all areas of life.

If you happen to repeatedly get receipts or credit checks which read 104, this is the beginning of an important conversation your spirit angels are trying to have with you, attempting to temperate a rather neurotic behavior that has been left unchecked.

Enriching your life is solely based off of conquering your own cravings and impulsiveness first and mastering your way of responding to challenging situations gracefully, taking into consideration the well-being of others around you.

Diminish any resistance to the flow of events that you may normally entertain, and begin establishing your day-to-day endeavors in ways that will impact your life for the better.

This is a time to reboot, rewind and turn every stone backward, going full force toward success. Although it might seem that your most difficult battle to conquer this far is the one you bear with yourself, you can look at it from an entirely distinctive perspective – a beautiful struggle alike a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, let nothing ever persuade you otherwise.