Angel numbers represent bearers of good news from the divine realm, visiting us in a myriad of ways that help provide guidance through difficult situations in our everyday lives.

Angel number 119 is only one of many such numbers sent to us, embodying powerful messages that have all the answers we’ve been looking for. When this number is revealed to you, you can expect prosperity and joy.

Because this number shows you the encouragement of your guiding angels that you are on the right track to fulfilling your true life’s purpose, you need to pay close attention to their advice and wisdom.

This angelic number is not shown to you as a simple coincidence, but to assist in keeping you focused on the important things in life. Essentially, you can consider this number’s essence a friendly reminder from your divine guides to use your insight in order to invite new opportunities into your life.

But which steps should you be taking in order to attain all these blessings that seem to be showing up all over the place in the form of angel numbers? All you need to do is to embark onto this journey that will help unlock the messages sent to you by the Ascended Masters.

The General Significance of Number 119

The energy resonating with angel number 119 is symbolic of concepts such as teamwork, maintaining relationships and acting with diplomacy in all that you do.

In mathematics, number 119 represents a highly cototient number, as well as the sum of seven consecutive primes (7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 + 29).

During the year 119 BC, the second Dalmatian War begins, while later on the same year, emperor Wu suspends the campaign against Xiongnu due to a shortage of horses and also so that the Han can focus on wars against the two Yue kingdoms. The Qianq dynasty implements the monopoly of iron, salt and liquor.

The year 119AD teaches us about a few notable events that took place in the Roman Empire, where Salonina Matildia, niece of emperor Trajan gets her funeral oration and a temple inaugurated by Hadrian. Hadrian visits Britain later on that same year at the request of Quintus Pompeius Falco.

Aside from these general facts about number 119 we can also mention the importance of its vibrational essences of teamwork, companionship and co-operation, all delivered to the receiver by the divine protectors.

Number 119 is essentially a message from your guiding angels showing up in your life during ongoing changes, signifying the closing of a chapter and the beginning of a new one.

The energy contained within this message is meant to help you become more self-determined and self-sufficient as you transition through these changes and nudge you into exploring new places and new ideas.

You can be certain that upon welcoming number 119 into your life, you are being embraced with love and light by your spiritual guides that will assist you in this endeavor.

The Hidden Biblical Meaning of 119

In the writings of the Holy Bible, number 119 makes a handful of important appearances, symbolizing the unconditional love that God gives mankind.

This angelic number also represents the good work needed to be done in order to please God and fall into his good graces. Number 119 teaches you to walk a life path close to God in order to receive his blessings.

In other words, the more meaningful work you perform onto the world, the more it comes back to you, as kindness always comes around if you continue to pay attention to other’s needs.

We can add that Psalm 119 enhances the meaningful message delivered by number 119 as follows: “Blessed are those whose ways are blameless, who walk according to the law of the Lord, Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart”.

This means that God and your guardian angels would like you to continue giving back to others, considering selflessness and generosity to be virtues.

Equally, the deeper meaning of number 119 throughout the Bible is that doing goodwill only brings you closer to God and helps you create closer bonds with your community.

The Sacred Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 119

From a spiritual overlook, number 119 can be deciphered through understanding the attributes of its containing numbers.

Number 119 is constructed as a result of the blending of energies of Karmic Master Number 11, number 1 and number 9.

In this energetic equation, number 1 stands for ambition and motivation to initiate new chapters in your life, assertiveness and leadership. In this specific instance, number 1 appears twice, forming Master Number 11, symbolizing the ability to manifest actual events by aligning our thoughts, emotions and actions.

This karmic number also adds essences of spiritual enlightenment as well as following one’s true mission and higher soul purpose, making number 119 an ideal asset in discovering the source containing the answers to all your prayers.

Number 9 chips in to formulate the concept of Universal Spiritual Laws into the energies of number 119 overall, guiding you into leading a role-model life for others.

In addition to that, number 9 also signifies the ending and reaching conclusions in what concerns your personal transformation, spirituality and following your own destiny.

Number 9 resonates with Universal Spiritual Laws, a higher perspective, the concept of karma, leading life as a positive example for others, benevolence and altruism, and light work.

Why Do You Keep Seeing Number 119?

Once you become aware of this number’s presence into your life, be it though time stamps, phone number, license plates and other means of communication your guiding angels are trying to use to reach you, know that a chapter in your life is soon coming to an end, making room for a new one to begin.

In becoming aware of this factor, you should prepare yourself to undergo a set of necessary changes that will influence the outcome of certain situations. Some people close to you may embrace these changes with you, others may show reluctance to these transformations.

Regardless of what is coming your way, you should rejoice having the opportunity to start anew and create the life you have always wanted, leaving behind all negativity that has been dragging you down for so long.

Angel number 119 may also show up if you’ve recently been through some unpleasant situations and have felt like the world hasn’t acted fairly towards you, closing some doors you may have wanted to open instead.

If this is the case, your guiding angels are here to help you accomplish all of your goals and aspirations and to congratulate you for all of your achievements so far. Although they may not seem important to you, every single step on your life path helps determine the outcome, no matter how small or insignificant.

The key message received here is that this is an ideal moment to set even bolder milestones for yourself and plunging into them without fearing the unknown as your angels are right beside you, protecting you all the way.

In other words, you should remain optimistic when coming face to face with angel number 119 as this is a divine reminder for you to pay more attention to new opportunities coming your way and to rekindle your bonds with loved ones, maintaining a positive attitude about life.

Once you become aware of this angel number or any other angel numbers, you should be taking a step back and diving deeper into the appropriate changes and actions you should be implementing into your everyday life in order to receive all of the benefits the divine realm is sending you.

What to Do if You Keep Seeing Number 119?

Angel number 119 illustrates the upcoming success and bright future ahead of you if you maintain your faith in them and keep working steadily on your life path. Once you’ve received this divine number, you should begin working harder toward the completion of your ongoing projects and activities.

If you’ve been putting off work or hobbies, this is an ideal moment to pick them right back and enhance the quality of life for yourself as well as for others, finding the right balance between managing your finances and leading a peaceful life close to your soul-searching quest.

Number 119 is all about living happily and giving back to others, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy. Furthermore, this number encourages you to pursue living life in your own unique way and to remain truthful to yourself, doing the things you like the most and not just pleasing others all the time.

In doing so, you will soon notice that your loved ones will pick up on your optimistic and uplifting energies and will become more drawn to you, making your time spent together even more enjoyable.

The guardian angels are urging you through the use of number 119 to welcome these blessings into your life by giving back to others what you would like to receive yourself.

119 Angel Number and Love

In terms of love and relationships, angel number 119 reminds you to follow your heart’s genuine desires while also taking in consideration the needs of your partner.

If you are currently engaged in a relationship, receiving number 119 into your life should be considered an ideal moment to renew and amplify your love for one another and to revisit places that are meaningful for both of you.

Doing more activities together will help the both of you feel happy and fulfilled with the outcome of your relationship.

For those who are single or going through a separation at the time 119 enters your life, the message is one of courage and self-empowerment as your angels acknowledge your feelings and emotions and encourage you to remain open to new possibilities.

We can never predict the future entirely and good things might just be around the corner. All you need to do is remain positive and open-minded as your spiritual guides will take care of the rest for you.

All the negative events that have happened so far have helped make you the wonderful person you are today and although they may have seemed unfair to you, they were all necessary stepping stones on your life path.

Number 119 and Career 

Your career seems to be on the rise and the presence of angel number 119 into your business life only stands as an affirmation of that. The Ascended Masters and your guardian angels are acknowledging your sustained efforts and all the hard work you’ve put into your projects and are present to assist you on the path you have already chosen.

The energy conferred by number 119 is that of remaining sensitive and responsive to other people’s needs while initiating new projects and effectively applying the necessary changes that naturally come with your leadership role within the team.

Your co-workers look up to you for advice and guidance and you should trust your innate abilities more as you are already capable of making the right choices for everybody involved.

While co-existing as a team member, you should focus on approaching each possible issue with the utmost diplomacy and consideration for your fellow teammates, creating a pleasant workspace for everyone to feel heard and welcomed in.

In return for all these efforts, you are bound to receive gratitude and acknowledgement from everyone you work with, that will boost your success even further.

Your determination and patience in the work field are bound to be rewarded and if the case is such that you feel a radical need for change, such as a vocational calling, this is a positive time to chase your new ideals as they will certainly bring you abundance and success.

Take your time and review all that’s been laid out in front of you, trusting in your ability to make the most impactful choices that will help propel your thoughts and dreams to their highest level possible and bring forward the best version of yourself.

Number 119 and Life Path

Speaking of your life path, this is the best moment for manifesting the version of reality that you’ve always wanted. Remember that you are yourself a creator and shapeshifter of your own reality and that your thoughts can be used as powerful tools to help you achieve that.

In this scenario, angel number 119 comes along to bring you fresh new energies of assertiveness, self-reliance and prosperity and to motivate you into following the path to spiritual enlightenment.

When the vibrations of this angel number become active in your everyday life, it serves as a reminder to take your role in this world more seriously and begin working harder towards achieving greatness and abundance.

You can improve your awareness by practicing daily meditation, attending motivational speeches or even stepping up and delivering one yourself. The core idea here is to awaken your soul and to listen to your inner calling, whichever that might be in order to successfully apply all of these blessings coming your way.

The divine guides are inviting you to actively participate into a life-long mission into discovering and pursuing your true purpose in the world and to motivate you into achieving the success you’ve always yearned after.

Angel Number 119 in Numerology

The individuals carrying the vibrational essences of angel number 119 can be described as passionate, loving people focused on their dreams, which more often than not include artistic or medical pursuits.

These people are true lovers of humanity and enjoy being around friends, working in large groups or spending their time in the company of their loved ones, working to consistently help them out into completing their own individual tasks.

The people blessed with the angel number 119 are all about giving back to their community and to the world as a whole and can be usually actively participating in humanitarian projects.

As exceptional detail-oriented individuals, they enjoy performing their work, be it in the field of medicine, music, arts or even communication. They have no issues carrying out all their responsibilities and inviting others to speak up about their ideas and all the things they love, always being keen on receiving their feedback.


In a nutshell, angel number 119 is meant to motivate you and to encourage you to dive deeper into the unknown, conquering your fears and discovering your true passions in life.

When you receive this divine number, you are presented with a message to become bolder and to chase your dreams without any fears of failures, as they are also essential elements of the process of becoming who you were truly meant to be in this life.

Your guardian angels are offering you a higher perspective on your life, approaching you with their loving and caring energies, confirming that you already are on the right track to success and prosperity.

They would love to see you thrive, pushing your outside of your comfort zone and helping you make use of your willpower to kickstart the new chapter ahead of you. You are reminded that all that you are giving to others will be returned to you and that by fostering positive energies, you will be able to forge a welcoming community for all around you.

Number 119 is all about spiritual growth and the message conferred to you here is that you should remain focused on your spiritual work too in order to see success in all areas of your life, embracing changes and coming to peace with the old chapter of your life closing down.

Sometimes things end in order to make room for better opportunities to come along and that we should perpetually look forward to new adventures and wonderful beginnings.

Lastly, be aware that angel number 119 serves as a perfect tool to boost your optimism and fill your everyday life with positive energies that will help you fulfill your true destiny and attain abundance along the way.