Kangaroo as Spirit Animal

Kangaroos are mainly found in Australia. They are especially famous for their hopping from one place to the other using their big, strong legs and feet that help them jump straight up and ahead. They use their long tail to maintain balance while jumping. Female kangaroos have a pouch in their bodies which they use to hold their babies safe and sound which is the most eye-catching feature about them.

Most of us find this creature pretty fascinating. They hold a special title of uniqueness for their distinctive features. We may all have seen this creature in cartoons, documentaries, TV shows, magazines, etc. They can cover an impressive distance with one single giant leap.

If you find yourself taking a special fondness for this animal and you feel like you have similar traits to the animal, you could be a kangaroo-spirited individual.

Characteristics and Personality

People born with kangaroo spirit are highly enthusiastic, full of life, and fast action takers. They don’t hesitate to take a leap of faith in the moment of uncertainty and indecision. Kangaroo as an animal totem represents stamina, passion, intuition, and adaptability.

You love to follow your passion and give your heart and soul to it. You have the natural tendency to hop forward in life. You don’t get bogged down by challenges and obstacles. You have a never-give-up approach to everything in life. Relationships are highly important for you. You try to be truthful and devoted to your people. As a kangaroo soul, you have decisiveness, self-control, and balance in every aspect of your life.

Kangaroo Spirit Animal Positive Powers

When kangaroo as your spirit animal glides in your path, it brings new opportunities and good news along with it. The kangaroo energy stimulates you with positive energies and good vibes. Below are the notable positive traits of the kangaroo spirit animal –

  • Grounded
  • Swiftness
  • Nurturing
  • Energetic
  • Self-control
  • Ambitious
  • Protective
  • Leadership
  • Opportunity
  • Faith


Kangaroo spirit energy is closely associated with the Earth element. The animal has strong legs and maintains exceptional balance while jumping which refers to the nature of being grounded, grateful, and stable as you move through the journey of life.

As a kangaroo-spirited individual, you are humble, kind, and generous. You like to touch the height of success while keeping one foot on the ground. You believe attitude is the key and people are revered because of their behaviours and good deeds.


One of the distinctive traits of a kangaroo is leaping. Kangaroos always move hopping from one place to the other, be it going forward to something new or moving away from anything unpleasant. They are quick and very active.

As a kangaroo-spirited person, you hate to be lazy and ignorance is not in your dictionary. You like to plan your tasks effectively and have a clear vision for achieving your goals. You tend to understand and learn things quickly. You are always prompt in your action and like to keep moving, accomplishing, and growing in life. That’s how you roll.


The kangaroo spirit animal stands as the symbolism of care and motherhood. It is so adorable to see how female kangaroos take care of their babies. They nourish, hide, and protect the babies in their pouch from harsh weather and possible predators.

If a kangaroo is your spirit animal, you are naturally drawn toward babies, pets, or anything that deserves love and kindness. People may know you for being highly affectionate. You value relationships and like to make them stronger by nurturing them with love, care, and compassion.


Just like the animal, you are lively, outgoing, and zestful. You are a go-getter and like to push yourself to do your things even when you feel lethargic. You are dynamic and thoughtful. You like to keep everyone moving and active around you. People are naturally attracted to your high spirit and vibrant nature. You tend to be highly productive and accomplish a lot of tasks within the timeframe.

If lately you are not feeling okay and lost interest in doing things that would excite you once, it means you are lacking inspiration and the zeal to live your life to the fullest. Summon your kangaroo spirit animal and get your vim and vigour back again to live life the way you want.


Kangaroos have amazing self-control and balance while moving from one place to another. If you are born with the kangaroo as your birth totem, you know when to move ahead and when to back out. You know the art of keeping your mind under control no matter how tempting the thing or the situation becomes. You are self-reliant and know how to stand your ground.


As a kangaroo-spirited individual, you have strong foundations and high ambitions to succeed in life. You are passionate about what you do. You have strong determination and desire to give shape and permanence to your thoughts and imaginations. You tend to acquire the best ways possible to reach your endeavor by overcoming all possible difficulties which may come on way.


Kangaroos display unconditional love and protection for their young. The mother kangaroo does everything and goes every possible way to shield its baby from the harshness of the wild.

As a kangaroo-spirited individual, you are loving and nurturing to your family. You take all possible measures to safeguard your loved ones. People in your family know you as the quick-to-reach-out person for strength and support.


Kangaroos mostly live in groups and like to move in packs which shows the strength of unity and integration. People with kangaroo as their spirit animal are born to be the pillar of their family and the backbone of their group. They have commendable leadership qualities due to their excellent social skills and lively nature.

People like to connect with them and happily collaborate with them for work or any other matters. Kangaroo-spirited individuals know how to value, appreciate, and encourage people in their team.


When a kangaroo as your spirit animal gives you signs of its presence, it brings thoughts and ideas of new possibilities. The spirit animal hops in your life with fresh opportunities to move ahead. You find the strength to trust your abilities to express your best self. If you have been feeling stuck or were not able to see any noticeable results of your efforts, it’s time that your hard work will finally see its fruits.


Kangaroo spirit animal is the symbolism of faith and conviction. If you find yourself in a stagnant phase of your life and do not know what to do to come out of it, you may want to find help from your spirit guide.

If you are uncertain about how things will turn out in the future, the kangaroo as the spirit animal inspires you to listen to your inner voice and encourages you to take the leap of faith and jump on the other side of the story. Your instincts know the right direction. Have faith in it.

Kangaroo Spirit Animal Negative Powers

Below are the few negative traits of people with the kangaroo spirit animal.

  • Solidarity
  • Sensitive
  • Restlessness


As a kangaroo-spirited individual, you like to socialize, hang out, and blend with people. You like to be with people as much as possible.

At times, you may find it difficult to be alone. It is highly imperative to spend some time alone and reflect on yourself. It gives better clarity of what’s going on in your mind. You get to see the bigger picture and might be able to notice subtle details that you were missing earlier.


As discussed earlier, people with kangaroo as their birth totem are very kind, understanding, and warm-hearted. They always have extra energy left over to help others even when they feel exhausted internally. This energy needs to be channelized carefully otherwise wrong people might take advantage of your generosity.

You need to determine when, where, and how to put your energy into the welfare of others. Try not to get entangled with other people’s emotions. You can provide full support and be there for everyone while having a protective layer for your emotional health.


Being a kangaroo-spirited person, laziness does not exist in your life. You always have a surge of energy which you like to keep moving. You have commendable stamina and endurance. But be careful where to invest the energy. Make sure you are investing your precious time and energy in something positive and productive. Otherwise, it might work adversely on you and will make you restless. Be resilient in whatever you do in life.

Kangaroo as an Animal Totem

Kangaroo as your animal totem signifies your strength to accept your innate qualities in the moment of self-doubt and put them into use to make a difference in your life. The kangaroo energy in you helps to identify your inner strength to help the less fortunate beings around you. When you feel this energy in your life, laziness goes away and you start taking charge of your life. You start making impacts no matter how small they are.

You do not give up easily and carry on even if it means taking tiny steps toward your goals. You become quick, productive, and decisive in your quest. You start making positive changes for yourself and everyone around you. Kangaroo as an animal totem represents an abundance of energy and the essence of life.

Times When You Need to Summon the Kangaroo Spirit Animal

  • You are unsure about your abilities and need strength.
  • You are looking for new opportunities in life.
  • You are uncertain of the consequences of your action and need to take that leap of faith.
  • You need to be kind and loving.
  • You need to be the source of strength for your people.
  • You need to have faith in yourself and listen to your inner voice.
  • You need to protect your loved ones.
  • You need to be active and productive.
  • You need strength to overcome your challenges.
  • You need to be truthful and loyal.
  • You need to support your alliance and keep them together.

Dream Interpretation of Kangaroo Spirit Animal

The Kangaroo spirit animal in your dream symbolizes strength and ease of movement. Although, depending on the dreamer’s psychological state, the dream may signify a lot of possibilities.

If you dreamt of kangaroos hopping playfully in the wild, it means you are sound and happy with whatever you have in your life at this moment and new possibilities might jump in.

If you saw a group of kangaroos is resting or jumping together, it indicates the family strength in your life. It means you have a strong bond with your family and close ones.

If you saw a baby kangaroo is hiding in its mother’s pouch in fear, it shows how you feel about yourself. It means you have self-doubt and low self-esteem. You need to come out of your shell and have that kangaroo spirit to face everything in the world.

If you are being chased by the kangaroo, it indicates you are hiding from criticism or some deeply ingrained fear from the past. You need to take some time out for yourself and practice deep meditation to get a fine clarity of your mental state.

Dreaming of a wounded kangaroo refers to the fact that you don’t feel good about yourself. There must be something that is bothering you for a long time. Meditate on your spirit animal to help you rise with confidence and determination.

If you saw two or more kangaroos fighting with each other, it may hint at some upcoming conflict with your family members or friends, or coworkers.

Mythological Significance of Kangaroo Spirit Animal

Kangaroos hold special spiritual and cultural significance in Australia. Since its first discovery in Europe, kangaroos have become an emblem of Australia. Kangaroos are very significant in Australian lore. They have been mentioned in aboriginal stories and are identified with powerful medicines.

According to one folklore, one kangaroo came across a group of aboriginal persons known as Koori. The Koori was performing a sacred dance. The kangaroo hid behind a tree watching them performing but could not resist the drumming sound and the rhythm of the dancers. So, the kangaroo came out in ecstasy to join them. The Koori had rules to kill anyone who would trespass on their ritualistic events. Instead, they welcomed the kangaroo and added him to their membership. It is believed that since then people wear the image of kangaroos as a stroke of good luck before starting any event.

Let the Spirit Animal Connect With You

When you are questioning your beliefs, feel stressed, and unable to take any decision, call on your spirit animal for guidance. Pray hard and ask for the signs and symbols through which you may find the right direction. Pay close attention to your surroundings and keep an open mind for all kinds of possibilities. Be aware of your dreams and try to identify the interpretations behind them.

The best way to connect with your spirit animal is through deep meditation which helps to remove chaos from your mind and makes it still. When the mind is calm and not affected by the regular turbulence of thoughts, that’s when you can hear your inner voice.

Call on your kangaroo spirit animal to give momentum to your life. Summon the kangaroo power to help you to take the leap of faith when you are in doubt and move forward with firm conviction to make significant changes in life.