Rarest spirit animals - Panda

A spirit animal is a higher being that is believed to have a special connection to an individual and is often seen as a representation of our inner self or personality. Some of the spirit animals are very rare by default.

The concept of spirit animals is rooted in various indigenous cultures and spiritual beliefs, and the idea is that each person has a specific animal that is connected to them and offers guidance and wisdom. Some people may have a lifelong spirit animal, while others may have different animals at different times in their life.

How rare a spirit animal is will not depend on how scarce or endangered the animal in reality is.

They are considered rare in the realm of spirit animals due to the fact that fewer people are born on the dates associated with them. Although some spirit animals are rare, their traits are usually not and can be found in a myriad of other spirit animals.

Here is the list of the rarest spirit animals:

Dragon (29. February)

Dragon as Spirit Animal

The rarest spirit animal of them all, the Dragon, is undoubtedly one of the oldest and most powerful animal spirit guides. People with this spirit birthday animal are born only every four years.

As a daily spirit animal, Dragon is usually attracted to intelligent and upright people. Such people are led by dragons toward ultimate wisdom and, enlightenment.

The dragon as a spirit animal represents wisdom, magic, nobility and adaptiveness. It also has two known negative traits: carelessness and passive-aggressiveness.

Polar Bear (31. December)

Polar Bear as Spirit Animal

Polar bear characteristics are generally associated with productivity, protection, and strength, therefore when you connect with the polar bear spirit animal, you will notice that creation and devotion become simpler for you, and it may even become a part of your everyday life.

The polar bear has the following positive traits: bravery, power, gratitude and determination. Negative traits are: aggression and depression.

Yak (31. January)

Yak as Spirit Animal

Yak Spirit Animal frequently visits those, who are keen on having conflicts in the family. Also, when there is a lack of spiritual energy, the yak spirit animal might become your spirit animal.

Positive traits are: trust, loyalty and patience. Negative traits are: stubbornness and judgmentalism.

Blue Heron (31. march)

Blue Heron as Spirit Animal

Those with a blue heron totem animal are naturally lonely. They dislike outsiders intruding in their personal lives. Their circles are small, with at least one mate in each. While they appear comfortable in a group, they tend to withdraw after a social event.

Blue heron positive traits are observance, patience and solitude. Negative traits are again solitude and egocentrism.

Cricket (31. may)

Cricket as Spirit Animal

Crickets represent the higher senses and awareness to have a deep connection with the divine. This symbolizes the power to trust your instinct deeply and find a balance between the spiritual world and the materialistic world.

Some positive traits are: good fortune, vocality, communication, intuition, patience, independence sustainability, focus and self-awareness. Negative traits are: being noisy, restlessness, egoism, being sensitive.

Wombat (31. October)

Wombat as Spirit Animal

Wombat represents the earth element. It symbolizes the nature of being grounded, warm, and kind. Wombat is the stable energy that brings calmness and a soothing aura to those prone to anxiety, restlessness, indecision, or who are unable to face their fear.

Wombats have a whole range of positive traits: intuition, balance, protection, self-reliance, planning, kindness, wisdom, and chance for higher consciousness. Negative traits are sudden aggression and laziness.

Koala (31. July)

Koala as Spirit Animal

As spirit animals, koalas radiate joy from the core of their being. The koala is a pretty laid-back animal. Nothing in this spirit even hints at the slightest bit of stress. A sluggish attitude is their forte! Bringing serenity into your turbulent life is something that koala spirit animal encourages. Enjoy the little things and the moments. Take some time to breathe, meditate, or simply go for a stroll in the woods.

Koala positive traits are: calmness, compassion, mindfulness, caring and confidence. Negative traits are: sometime arrogance and in certain individuals’ dishonesty.

Tortoise (31. august)

Tortoise as Spirit Animal

Tortoise spirit animal serves as a reminder that overcoming challenges requires courage and tenacity. Take your time before acting; don’t just burst forth without thinking.

Тhe tortoise may show up as your spirit animal when it feels like everything in your life is spinning out of control.

Tortoise’s positive powers are: peace, calmness, and mindfulness. Negative powers are unpredictable aggressiveness mostly out of nowhere.

Walrus (1. January – 2. January)

Walrus as Spirit Animal

People who dislike change tend to be more connected to the walrus spirit animal. Friendship and familial bonds are represented by the walrus spirit animal. It occurs as a reminder to be connected to and concerned for the ones you love.

Its positive powers are: curiosity, adaptation, resilience and knowledge. Negative traits are: aggression and impatience.

Panda (25. December – 26. December)

Panda as Spirit Animal

Panda as your spirit guide helps you to bring balance into everything. It’s a sign that it’s time to let go of anything you have been holding on to for a long time.

People with Panda as their spirit animal will always try to find peaceful resolutions for all the conflicts in their life.

Panda spirit animal has a bunch of positive traits: solidarity, comfort, calmness, gratitude, groundedness, caring, friendliness, balance, protection and happiness. Negative traits are: aggressiveness, laziness, shyness, overly friendly nature and being sensitive.